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Microstrategy bought nearly 9,000 bitcoins in the third quarter of this year

A new microstrate revenue report shows that the company bought about 9,000 bitcoins in the third quarter of 2021. At current prices, the company’s bitcoins are valued at about $ 7 billion.

to the Report CryptoSlate, the company has a total of 114,042 bitcoins purchased at an average price of $ 27,713, according to the Micro Strategy 2021 third quarter earnings report released on October 28 (November 6). As a result, the total value of the company’s bitcoins, considering the average purchase price, is approximately more than $ 3 billion.

However, if we calculate the microstrate assets at current prices, ie more than $ 60,000, the total value of its bitcoins will be about $ 7 billion. This means that if Micro Strategy wants to sell its bitcoins, it will make a profit of $ 4 billion.

Despite these tempting gains, Micro Strategy does not want to sell any of its bitcoins, at least not so soon. Michael Saylor, the company’s CEO, reiterated that microstructure is still looking for a way to continue its bitcoin buying process.

He said:

We are also evaluating various opportunities to raise additional capital so that we can implement our bitcoin strategy.

The company has lost $ 754.7 million in bitcoin purchases so far, but should only report a loss if the value of its bitcoins is less than the cost price.

Micro-Strategy CEO Michael Saylor is one of the most famous Bitcoin-related figures who has repeatedly supported this digital currency. He tweeted to his millions of followers yesterday advising them not to sell their bitcoins.

Referring to issues related to the holding of bitcoins by American banks, the CEO of Micro-Strategy said:

When the big American banks can keep bitcoin on their balance sheet, everyone will be eager to buy it, no one will need to sell it, and [دیگر] You will not want to spend it.


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