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Microstrategy bought another $ 10 million in bitcoin

MicroStrategy announced on Tuesday that it had bought another 295 bitcoins worth $ 10 million.

To Report With this purchase, Microstrategy Bitcoin stocks reached 71,079 units, which at current prices is worth $ 2.5 billion.

The microstrategic risk on bitcoin seems to have paid off well for the company so far. Microstrategy has bought all of its bitcoins for about $ 1.15 billion. On this account, it can be said that the company has paid an average of only $ 16,109 per unit of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is currently trading at around $ 34,850 per unit.

Microstrategy bought another $ 10 million in bitcoin
Micro-strategy bitcoin reserves chart

Micro Strategy bought $ 10 million worth of bitcoins two weeks ago. The Nasdaq trading company announced last week that it wanted to acquire more bitcoins and was looking for alternative ways to do so.

Micro-strategy started its purchases in August last year (October 99). At the time, Michael Saylor, the company’s CEO, announced that the purpose of investing in Bitcoin was to increase the long-term value of shareholder assets.

In an interview, Silver called Bitcoin “the best currency ever made.” He also compared bitcoin to gold and the dollar, saying it was the best asset to store because it was structurally inflatable.


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