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Microsoft uses Ethereum to combat the illegal reproduction of its products

Microsoft, the world technology giant, has said it has implemented a system on the Ethereum Blockchainchain platform to combat the illegal duplication and distribution of its products.

to the Report Coin Telegraph, the Windows operating system, and the Office suite have always been among the most commonly copied and distributed software. So it’s no surprise that Microsoft, the maker of both products, is working hard to prevent its software from being duplicated.

Microsoft Research Department, in collaboration with researchers from the Alibaba Group and Carnegie Mellon University, recently published a report examining a blockchain-based incentive system to boost campaigns against illegal duplication of its products. Has set.

The research report, entitled “Argus: A Completely Transparent Incentive System for Anti-Duplication Campaigns,” shows that Microsoft’s new system is based on the transparency of Blockchain technology. The Argus system, built on the Ethereum network platform, aims to provide an incentive mechanism that does not require trust building, while protecting data from the free and anonymous population reporting illegal duplication.

Part of the text of this research states:

This [موضوع] Identified as one of the problems of distributed systems. In implementation [این سیستم] We overcame the inevitable obstacles so that we could ensure its security while maintaining full transparency.

A Microsoft study found that Argus made it possible to return duplicate content to the source through a watermark matching algorithm. This process, called “data leak detection”, reports any illegal movement of content and involves steps to hide information. In this way, no one other than the person who first reported an illegal copying case can copy and re-report the same watermarked copy without real ownership.

The system also has incentive reduction guidelines to prevent repeated reports of illegal duplication of content.

The Microsoft report states:

We hope that by relying on the security and efficiency of Argus, the campaigns against illegal reproduction can be transferred to an incentive and completely transparent mechanism. [این سیستم] Be effective in the true sense of the word.

Microsoft also mentioned the issue of Ethereum network transaction fees in its report, saying that their team has optimized many cryptographic processes. The Microsoft team states in this report:

The cost of reporting illegal reproduction has been reduced to about the equivalent of the fee required to process 14 ether transfer transactions on the Ethereum Public Network. otherwise [این هزینه] It could be the equivalent of a fee for thousands of transactions.

Technology companies are increasingly concerned about issues related to the protection of intellectual property and the fight against illegal reproduction of products. Tech Mahindra, a subsidiary of Mahindra Group, an Indian IT company, recently launched a blockchain-based smart contract platform based on IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric protocol. ) Launched specifically for the media and entertainment industry.


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