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Microsoft CEO: The company’s policies for buying bitcoin have not changed

Microsoft CEO Brad Smith said in a recent interview that buying bitcoins by the company was not a new issue and that Microsoft had not changed its policies.

to the the report In an interview with World Network presenter Julia Chatterley yesterday, Smith said that Microsoft does not have a new plan to use bitcoin as a reserve currency. Smith also said that investing in bitcoin is not a new issue at Microsoft. His answer was the question of whether Microsoft would change its policies as Tesla entered the field.

In recent months, as bitcoin prices have risen and new records have been set, many companies around the world, including Tesla and MicroStrategy, have invested in and bought bitcoins.

Michael Novogratz, CEO of Digital Galaxy, said after the announcement of Tesla’s acquisition of Bitcoin that many other large companies will follow in Tesla’s footsteps.

Twitter is another big company that has announced that it will invest in Bitcoin if necessary. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, meanwhile, is a staunch supporter of bitcoin and recently donated 500 bitcoins to develop digital currencies in India and Africa.


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