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Michael Jordan and several other American stars have invested $ 305 million in the company Flow

Dapper Labs announced yesterday that in its new round of funding, Michael Jordan, the star of the Prophet League, some prominent players in the League of Champions, a number of Hollywood stars and an investment company, has invested about $ 305 million in the company. Have.

to the Report CoinDesk, Coin Durant, Michael Jordan, Coatue Investment Company, Chainz 2, a celebrity rapper, and a team of 30 athletes have invested in the NFT Depers Labs project. USA Today reports that, according to informed sources, the value of Deper Labs has reached $ 2.6 billion after this investment.

The funding came after many users switched to the TopShots platform and the demand for collectible digital assets increased. Top Shot Prophecy, which operates on the Flowchain blockchain, is a card game that has grossed about $ 500 million. The platform’s daily transactions in secondary markets are estimated at more than $ 2 million.

While all the focus is on top-shot prophets, it should not be forgotten that Deper Labs announced in a press release that it intends to introduce a new collection of digital assets to users through the blockchain. According to Depper Labes, contracts have been signed with Warner Bros. Media Group and the UFC. The startup has raised $ 357 million so far. The following are the names of the investors published by Deper Labs:

Michael Jordan, Coin Durant, Andre Iguodala, Kyle Lowry, Spencer Dinwidi, Andre Drummond, Alex Caruso, Michael Carter Williams, Josh Hart, Odonis Haslem, Javil McGee, Chris Middleton, Domantas Sabonis, Kyleck Thompson and Kyle Thompson Seymour. Ashton Kutcher, Gus Auser, Will Smith, Kisuke Hoda, Sean Mendes, Andrew Gretler, Shay Mitchell Touchiliz. A16z companies, Chernin Group, USV, Version One and Venrak.

Tim Beckham, Nolan Arnado, Ken Crowley, Thomas Davis, Stephen Diggs, De Ford, Malcolm Jenkins, Rodney McLeod, Jordan Matthews, Devin McCourty, Jason McCourty, Dickey Metcalfe, Tyrone Taylor and Trent Williams. Team owners including Vivek Ranadiev and Bolt Ventures Sports Investment Company.


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