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Meet the new Bitcoin Cash Exchange (P2P) called

A new exchange called Bitcoin Cash Launched, a platform that enables people to decentrally exchange money peer-to-peer. has released a beta version of its platformBy: @ ham3ds

The beta version (LBC) was released this week, while about two weeks ago, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) fans saw images of the platform being tested. The developer of this site says that this platform is still in the very early stages and his team intends to make more progress in the market by working harder. In addition, the LBC developer says that he tried his best to get the team to contact Localbitcoins, because they can help the team by branching out the code, but received no response. LBC developer says:

“We decided to take matters into our own hands and solve the problems.”

LBC website announced That:

“Our goal is to conduct free transactions such as escrows and bank transfers to encourage more people to use Bitcoin Cash. However, for now, all costs are covered by the founder’s savings until the site is stable and we pay the optional fees. ”

We are happy to be able to pay the bills. We are determined to make Bitcoin Cash a (popular) family name

Meet the new Bitcoin Cash Exchange (P2P) called

A good advantage of Bitcoin Cash is that it costs less than one hundred dollars (penny) to trade.

In addition, deposits and withdrawals are free, except in the case of network transaction costs (tx). However, the LBC developer says that the cost of network transactions on a bitcoin cache network is usually “It is less than a penny (one hundredth of a dollar) depending on the amount of your transaction.The site provides escrow options for trades, bank transfers and local meetups for bitcoin cache exchanges. Currently, most people on the platform’s list of trades choose the gathering option.

Please do not deposit if you are not comfortable with the process – or use the local meetups option to trade with other local users (off-site)

LBC developer on this point Emphasizes This platform is still in beta.

Ambitious apps and a new Subreddit for Bitcoin

The website has an email and contact number on its site for support, and the development team has a Subreddit (a forum dedicated to a specific topic on the Reddit website) in the name of / r / localbitcoincash Has created
LBC says:

The team regularly provides support through subreddit, helping people with this opportunity.

In addition, this website provides step-by-step instructions for BCH exchanges by deposit as well as by local collection methods. It also provides a price index to cover the best types of cryptocurrencies, so users no longer need to go to a dedicated site to find different prices. One of the details that will be added to Reddit by the developer almost every month is the reputation of a trader. In addition, LBC executives say they have great plans for this unique website:

Fluctuations in prices from a minimum of $ 200 to a maximum of $ 1,000 in the first two months of the emergence of bitcoin cache caused fear and anxiety for bitcoin cache holders. As a founder, I give you the good news that we have very ambitious plans for Bitcoin Cash over the next 12 months.

Since this site is in beta and does not have enough stability and guarantee to perform the transaction, so I recommend you to be careful in this regard.

What do you think about the new platform? Let us know what you think

Source: news.bitcoin


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