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market status; The relative stability of the price of bitcoins coincides with the price of altcoins

The price of Bitcoin has risen 2% in the last 24 hours and is currently fluctuating around $ 33,600. Over the past 24 hours, however, we have seen a decline below $ 33,200.

to the the report Cryptonews As the price of bitcoin fell, so did the pennies. Ethereum fell below $ 2,100 and support at $ 2,050. On the other hand, the price of Ripple fell below $ 0.65 and is still continuing its downward trend.

The price of Bitcoin fell below $ 34,000 in its most recent fall, and then began its recovery with $ 33,000. $ 32,200 and $ 32,000 acted as Bitcoin support areas in the fall. If the price falls below $ 32,000 and stabilizes, one can expect further price reductions. In that case, the next target would be $ 30,000.

$ 33,500 acts as the first resistance to bitcoin. The price of Bitcoin is currently above this resistance, and stabilizing it could pave the way for the next resistance at 34,000. After this area is $ 35,000.

The price of Ethereum also experienced another fall in the past few hours, crossing the support of $ 2,120. Ethereum is currently trading at $ 2,100 with a 4% recovery. If we see an increase in sales pressure in the market, there is a possibility of reaching 2,000. $ 1,920 will also serve as Ethereum’s next support.

If Ethereum continues to rise, $ 2,150 will be the first support. After this support, 2,155 acts as the next support.

Bainance Coin has revived 2% since its recent fall and is trading in the $ 285 range. If sellers take control of the market, it is likely to fall to $ 265. The first resistance to this digital currency is $ 295. After this resistance, the next dam is formed at $ 300.

The Dogecoin is currently hovering below $ 0.25. $ 0.232 serves as Dogecoin’s first support. $ 0.22 is also a key support for this digital currency. If these supports are broken, the price can be expected to reach $ 0.2.

The Ripple price has not yet managed to stabilize above 0.65. $ 0.62 would be the most likely option if the Ripple price continues to decline. $ 0.6 is Ripple’s most important support. If we see a price jump, $ 0.66 and $ 0.67 are the resistances facing Ripple.

The price of Litecoin has risen 3% in the last 24 hours and is trading in the range of $ 135. $ 130, $ 125 and $ 112 are LightCoin support, respectively. On the other hand, a price increase could jump to $ 142 resistance.

The current market value of digital currencies is $ 1.4 trillion. Bitcoin, the market number one digital currency, has a 43% market share.


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