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market status; The quiet day of bitcoin coincides with the jump of some coins

Most of the digital currencies in the market have not fluctuated much in the last 24 hours. Meanwhile, Solana with 5%, Luna with 6% and Shiba Inu with 3% were called market losers. FileQueen, Cardano and LightQueen were the market winners with growth of 8%, 5.5% and 4%, respectively.

market status;  The quiet day of bitcoin coincides with the jump of some coins
Market view in

According to Digital Currency and quoting various sources, Coin Bass announced on Thursday that he has more than $ 500 million in digital currency as an investment. Coin Base CEO Brian Armstrong said the exchange would spend 10 percent of its profits on digital currencies. Following the news, the price of bitcoin jumped. Bitcoin is currently trading at $ 49,208, up 1 percent from the previous 24 days.

Ethereum, the market number two digital currency, has lost about 0.5 percent of its value in the past 24 hours. Ethereum is currently priced at $ 3,265.

Cardano also managed to record a new historical peak in recent days. Cardano is currently 0.42 percent away from its $ 2.63 high, at $ 2.61 per unit. Apart from Cardano, Solana also recorded a new historical peak yesterday. However, after registering this price, Solana fell 5% to below $ 76.

The market value of digital currencies is currently $ 2.1 trillion; Bitcoin, meanwhile, has a 42.47% market share. Ethereum with 17.57 percent and Cardano with 3.86 percent dominance, after Bitcoin have the most dominance in the market.


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