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market status; Rising bitcoins to jump at the same time as stabilizing the price of coins

While the altcoins are still in place, the price of bitcoin has continued to rise over the past week, reaching above $ 56,000.

market status;  Rising bitcoins to jump at the same time as stabilizing the price of coins
Market situation in Arzvach

to the Report According to analysts, the king of digital currencies has well supported the $ 55,000 level and has broken the $ 56,000 resistance with a new leap. Analysts say the digital currency could hit as high as $ 57,200.

On the other hand, most of the market-leading tools are in the profit-stabilization phase and experience volatile hours. Ether, the market’s second-largest digital currency, trades at close to $ 3,500 and may start a new growth. XRP is also above the $ 1.15 level; But it is facing resistance at around $ 1.20. Cardano (ADA) is another Quinn that has broken the $ 2.20 resistance and could move to $ 2.32.

Bitcoin price rises after closing candlestick [روزانه] Above $ 55,000, it continued to grow. Then breaking the $ 56,000 resistance paved the way for a positive move. Bitcoin is now trading in the positive range and the uptrend could accelerate above $ 56,500. The next key resistance of Bitcoin is, according to analysts, $ 57,200, and breaking it could start a new move to $ 58,000.

On the downside, bitcoin initial support is near the $ 56,000 level. The first key support, according to analysts, is near 55,500, and breaking it could lead to a further decline to $ 54,000.

The price of Ethereum had risen to above $ 3,600 before the recent Khoped reform. At the time of writing, the ether is hovering around $ 3,500. On the downside, the first support is closed at around $ 3,450 and then there is support at around $ 3,420. The loss of these two protections could push the price towards another key support, $ 3,350.

If the ether starts to grow again, it may face resistance at around $ 3,550. The main resistance, according to market analysts, is $ 3,600, above which we can expect a jump to 3,680.

Prices ADA, LTC, DOGE and XRP

Cardano is priced above $ 2.20. The digital currency is now trying to overcome the resistance of $ 2.30 and $ 2.32, which if successful, the price may move to the level of $ 2.50. After this resistance, we can expect growth to $ 2.65.

LightQueen experiences the lowest possible volatility near the $ 180 level. The market for this digital currency looks good; But $ 188 is a strong barrier to digital currency silver. If this resistance is broken, the price could move to $ 200. From a bearish perspective, Litecoin support is closed at $ 172, and if the jump fails, a decline to this level is possible.

Dogecoin rose to near $ 0.25 resistance before the recent correction. The price is now moving around the level of about $ 0.232 with slight fluctuations, and this meme coin may once again try to break the resistance of $ 0.25. Once this resistance is broken, the next key resistance is around $ 0.265.

The price of XRP broke the resistance level of $ 1.10 and even reached above $ 1.20. The price is now stabilizing at a level above 1.15 after a slight correction. Ripple heavy resistance is closed at the same level of $ 1.20.

Other digital currencies such as STX, Iota and DCR have also grown by more than 5% in the last 24 hours. The STX, meanwhile, saw growth of about 19 percent.

The digital currency market is currently worth $ 2.4 trillion, with Bitcoin having the largest market share at 42.5%.


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