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market status; Red is still the dominant color in the market

After the price of Bitcoin broke the resistance of $ 43,500, we saw a fall and crossing of $ 40,000. This caused many Altcoins to fall.

to the Report Cryptonews, Ethereum, the No. 2 digital currency on the market, has also fallen below $ 3,000. At one point, we saw Ethereum fall to $ 2,800. Ripple and Cardano were other currencies that broke their significant support.

market status;  Red is still the dominant color in the market
Market situation in

Ethereum price

As mentioned earlier, the price of Ethereum fell below $ 3,000. After crossing $ 2,800 and $ 2,700, the price floor formed near $ 2,650, after which we saw support and price recovery. $ 2,920 is currently the closest Ethereum resistance.

$ 3,000 is Ethereum’s next resistance. If this range is crossed, the chances of this digital currency to recover more and start an upward trend will increase. In the event of a further fall, sellers will try to push the price below the $ 2,650 support area.

Market situation of Altcoins

Cardano is currently trading in the $ 2.07 range. Cardano’s price fell after the digital currency failed to cross the $ 2.15 and $ 2.2 levels. The digital currency fell below $ 2 in the range, but buyers were not allowed to stabilize the price in this range. $ 1.88 is currently Cardano’s main support and $ 2.2 is a significant resistance.

The price of Ripple has reached close to $ 0.92 after the recent fall, and in the last 24 hours, it has lost about 1% of its value. In the current situation, $ 0.88 is the support for Ripple. If the sellers can maintain the current selling pressure, it is likely to fall to $ 0.7.

The Dogecoin was one of the currencies that has grown over the past 24 hours. The Dogecoin rose about 1 percent to $ 0.2. Prior to the price recovery, the Dogecoin had fallen below $ 0.2. If buyers fail to stabilize the price at current levels, one can expect a drop to $ 0.188.

LightQueen has had a lot of margins over the past week, losing 5% of its value in the last 24 hours. LightCoin is currently fluctuating around $ 152. On the LightQueen chart, $ 162 is the first resistance of this digital currency.

Over the past day, digital currencies such as Omaji Network, Cosmos, Sushi and Tezos have lost more than 8% of their value. On the other hand, currencies such as OHM, XDC and DESO, with growth of 16 to 32 percent, were named market winners.

The market value of digital currencies has once again fallen below $ 2 trillion and is currently in the $ 1.93 trillion range. Meanwhile, Bitcoin has the largest market share with 41.26% dominance.


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