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market status; Bitcoin prices soar and coins explode

Bitcoin managed to reach above $ 50,000 after crossing $ 47,000 and $ 48,000. After this incident, the price of the most important quinces in the market also jumped. Ethereum crossed the $ 3,300 resistance barrier and Ripple crossed the $ 1.25 level. Cardano also jumped to a high of $ 2.75 with a strong jump.

Market view
Market view in

Bitcoin price

Bitcoin is currently trading above $ 50,000 per unit. It is likely that the current uptrend will continue. 50,500 is the main resistance in front of Bitcoin. After this area, the target of buyers will be $ 51,200.

If Bitcoin fails to cross the resistance, $ 49,500 will be the first support for this digital currency. $ 49,200 is the main price support and if it breaks we will have to wait for the fall to $ 48,000.

Ethereum prices

After Bitcoin, the price of Ethereum also started to rise and managed to cross $ 3,300. Ethereum is currently trading at $ 3,328, up 2% from the previous 24 hours. Experts believe there is a possibility of a peak of up to $ 3,420. $ 3,500 also serves as the short-term resistance of this digital currency.

If Ethereum fails to break the resistance, $ 3,250 will be the first support for this digital currency. $ 3,200 also serves as the key support for the market’s number two currency.

الت کوین‌ها

Cardano’s rising price fluctuations have made this digital currency perform much better than other market currencies. Cardano had previously managed to cross the $ 2.5 resistance barrier and now has crossed the $ 2.75 level with a 10% climb. The Cardano is currently trading in the $ 2.83 range and its key resistance is around $ 2.85. If you cross this range, the next goal will be $ 3.

The price of Line Coin is currently in the range of $ 187 and has lost about 1% of its value in the last 24 hours. If Litecoin can start its uptrend, $ 195 will be the first resistance. $ 200 and $ 220 are the next resistance of this digital currency.

The Dogecoin is currently priced at $ 0.31. $ 0.325 is Dogecoin’s first resistance. After overcoming this resistance, $ 0.335 will be the next target of buyers.

Ripple had previously crossed the $ 1.23 mark and is currently in the $ 1.24 range. $ 1.3 is Ripple’s first price resistance. If the downtrend starts, there is a possibility of fluctuations between $ 1.23 and $ 1.22.

Olench, Dash, Crow and Nano have climbed more than 8% in the last 24 hours. During this period, the TEL token has had one of the best performances among the digital currencies in the market with a 25% jump.


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