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market status; Bitcoin Green Day and the preparation of altcoins for the leap

This week, the price of bitcoin rose and we saw it cross over $ 60,000. Ethereum also managed to cross the resistance of $ 3,600 and Ripple is trying to cross the $ 1.2.

to the Report Cryptonews, the price of Bitcoin stabilized above $ 60,000. Over the past few days, following the news of the approval of tradable funds on the Bitcoin exchange, the price of this digital currency also declined to $ 57,500.

In addition, the price of most large pennies is rising. Ethereum has risen 4 percent to break the $ 3,900 resistance. Ripple is also rising, but still has resistance at $ 1.20. Cardano also aims to stabilize the price above $ 2.2.

market status;  Bitcoin Green Day and the preparation of altcoins for the leap
Market view in Arzvach

Bitcoin and Ethereum

The price of Bitcoin has crossed the $ 60,000 mark in the last 24 hours, reaching a high of $ 63,000. The bitcoin jump started yesterday in the $ 56,000 area. Currently, given the positive news from the United States and the licensing of bitcoin ETFs, it seems that an upward outlook awaits the market’s No. 1 digital currency.

The price of Ethereum has risen following Bitcoin and managed to break the resistance of $ 3,800. In this uptrend, Ethereum also broke $ 3,900 and is currently trying to cross the $ 4,000 psychological resistance barrier.

On the other hand, if Ethereum fails to overcome its resistance, it may adjust to lower prices. If this digital currency enters a downtrend.

Altcoins Market

In recent days, Cardano has started a new uptrend from $ 2.10 and $ 2.12. Cardano is currently priced at more than US $ 2.15 and could reach $ 2.20. The future trend of this digital currency will determine the speed of moving towards US $ 2.32.

The price of Litecoin has returned above the resistance of $ 175. The digital currency is currently trading at $ 186 and could accelerate in the short term. The main obstacle for Litecoin is $ 188. $ 200 is the next resistance that LightQueen faces.

Dodge is priced above $ 0.220 and is currently over $ 0.232. If Dodge can break the $ 0.235 resistance, it could have a steady uptrend.

The Ripple price is currently trading above US $ 1.12. The first resistance of this digital currency is 1.15 US dollars.

The market value of digital currencies currently fluctuates in the range of $ 2.6 trillion. Meanwhile, Bitcoin has the largest market share with a dominance of about 45%. Ethereum and Bainance Quinn are next with 17% and 3%, respectively.


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