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market status; $ 48,000 Bitcoin, the steady state of Ethereum and the growth of Dodge Coin

The price of Bitcoin was supported at 45,000 before the start of its recent jump. During this jump, we saw price increases to $ 46,500 and $ 47,000. In a short period of time, bitcoins peaked at 48,000, but now each bitcoin unit is traded in the range of $ 47,500.

to the Report Cryptonews After the price fluctuations of bitcoin, the situation of many market-leading pennies was also up. Ethereum was able to climb to $ 3,300, but then underwent a minor correction. Ripple also went up to $ 1.3. The Dogecoin, meanwhile, outperformed the $ 0.3 resistance and $ 0.32 resistance area.

The market value of digital currencies
The market value of digital currencies

Bitcoin price

After the short-term correction of the Bitcoin price, we saw the support of this digital currency at $ 45,650. After that, the price of Bitcoin climbed to the resistance of $ 46,500 and managed to reach above $ 47,000. Bitcoin climbed above $ 48,000 for a while after the news of the Walmart chain stores’ job position related to digital currencies. Currently, $ 47,200 is the first support for Bitcoin. $ 47,000 is also a key support for this digital currency. If it falls below these protection zones, $ 46,200 is the potential destination for Bitcoin.

On the other hand, $ 48,000 is the resistance of this digital currency. Closing the price above $ 48,000 could pave the way for $ 50,000.

Ethereum prices

Ethereum is priced between $ 3,100 and $ 3,120. During the recent Ethereum price jump, the digital currency climbed to $ 3,250 and $ 3,300 and then corrected. 3,200 is the first support for Ethereum, and evidence shows that buyers are active in the 3,250 range.

If the price closes above 3,300, we can hope to reach $ 3,350. After this level, Ethereum’s next target will be $ 3,500.

The price of Altcoins

Cardano’s price has stabilized above the $ 2 resistance. The digital currency managed to reach above $ 2.1 and is currently trading in the $ 2.15 range. Sellers are looking to defend the $ 2.2 resistance area. If the price falls, $ 2.05 and $ 2 will be Cardano’s possible destinations.

The Ripple price has lost about 1% of its value in the last 24 hours and is trading in the range of $ 1.3. In the event of a further fall, $ 1.15 and $ 1.1 could act as price targets for this digital currency.

The Dogecoin has performed very well in the last 24 hours, rising 10 percent to $ 0.33. If buyers continue their efforts, we may see Dogecoin reach $ 0.35.

Market situation in Arzvach
Market situation in Arzvach

The price of Litecoin is above $ 180 and analysts expect it to reach $ 200. Before the Litecoin price reaches $ 200, this digital currency must cross the $ 188 resistance barrier. $ 175 is the first support for LightQueen. After this support, $ 170 is the next support.

Solana, Luna, Kyoto, Dash, Neo and Ayas also managed to jump more than 5% in the last 24 hours. In the meantime, Solana has performed better than the others with a 25% price increase.


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