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How to Make Money With Jumia In 3 Ways Plus Tips To earn Big

Jumia is the number one most visited webshop in Nigeria and Africa. As part of its development and increase in stores, they introduced three ways to earn. These three methods can be set up easily by an individual or team of passionate persons interested in sales.

Using the word Passionate doesn’t just apply to everybody. You can be passionate and not know how to sell, but that’s not a hitch. Let’s look at some of the reasons (benefits) you want to make money with jumia and what you stand to gain in starting the business.


Freedom From Daily Stress

The three ways to earn with jumia all make your business run smoothly. Imagine you are in the comfort of your home, making money without going out to run deliveries, or talk to customers physically (most times). There is no real business that can put you in such a condition, except it is related to this kind of business jumia is offering you.


Free Tickets and Invites to attend Seminars.

Now, that’s the best thing that one could ever get. Most people pay thousands of naira trying to learn sales as an individual or a team. But Jumia puts together some of the best sales consultants to teach you the art of selling and handling your potential customers. They know that more sales for you and they bring more money to the table. So they offer the value to you at no cost. You either receive these invites as SMS or Email – That’s your ticket to any event that is organised from time to time in different cities and locations in Nigeria. The free training also applies to every other country jumia operates in Africa.


Gain Financial Freedom

Most people don’t have their idea fully formed to start their business. But joining an organisation like jumia as made it easy to earn a living. Jumia pays an outstanding amount for setting up a business with them regardless of the age, experience. Make money by referring new customers to jumia, and there is no limit to how much you can make monthly.


3 Ways You Can Earn With Jumia

After going through the benefits of joining jumia and make money, It is necessary that you also. – Know the three most convenient ways you can start earning almost immediately.

Below, I have laid out the three methods to earn with jumia and tips to help you start and increase sales.


Make Money Selling On Jumia

Sell On Jumia

Do you have a product to sell and have a low budget to start an eCommerce website in Nigeria? Well, the good news that Jumia allows you to set up your store and upload product samples with their copies (descriptions and benefits). As a seller on and shop owner on jumia, you benefit from the following ways:

  • Jumia organically promotes your products with their algorithm
  • You don’t need to worry about delivery jumia has dispatch riders ready to deliver them for you.
  • You don’t have to source for customers, jumia already handles this part for you.
  • Get access to free online and offline training to help you understand your business and learn new skills regarding sales and customer care
  • Gain Higher revenue than typical business sell products, e.g. You sell a product of 400 for 5000, and that’s improved revenue due to the trust that jumia has gained over the years.
  • As the seller, your part will be handled by jumia seller support; their services make everything work fine.


Experts Tips On Selecting Products.

You might not have any product to sell yet, but because of this information you just read, you want to start one. Don’t worry, and I will shed more-light on this aspect below; sit back and watch as I do.

There is a strategy often used by marketers not accessible; it is the Get laid, paid, and live forever — approach to choosing a product to sell when you have an idea of nothing to sell.

  • Get laid: humans like pleasure, so find a product that helps them improve or solve a problem in this area and start selling.
  • Getting Paid: Unfortunately, I don’t know if jumia allows you to sell products related to making more money online. But hell yeah, if you got a report to sell in the form of an eBook. They will sell better.
  • Live forever: This has to do with health, e.g. weight loss products. Get one of these products in these lines and enjoy the benefits.

Choosing from any of the above categories makes it very easy to sell a product…

You have to understand that anything that makes life easy and reduces stress is worth buying, even if it is a tiny grain in Nigeria. Go for High demand products and make that money.


Make Money As Jforce Member

Jumia Sales Consultant

We have many people who want to buy the product online or have no prior idea about what they should choose for themselves. They are hard purchasing decision-makers. What if you can gain their trust, let them know you, and buy with your help? That’s quite interesting and fascinating.

Jumia allows you as a Jforce member to consult with buyers and then help them procure the product from their store. All these goods will either ship to the buyer’s address or your office address. The buyer has to pick them up somewhere, but the home address is more convenient.


How Do You Make Money as Jforce Member?

For every product that you purchase for people you consult and the ones you buy for yourself, there is a commission. To make everything better, you can recruit more members and show them how the business works. You earn when your team member purchases a product for their customers.

You and your team can earn up to 100k to 1 Million nairas doing this monthly. It is a business model, and the more customers you get, the more your commissions.

Benefits of Joining Jforce

You are your boss: This gives time and control over how much you want to make as Jumia sales consultants.
Opportunity to Network: By becoming a jumia sales consultant, you are open to meeting new people every day, either in events, online, or neighbourhood.
Get Trained To Be Expert: Jumia sales for team organise meetups to discuss and train new and advanced sales consultants. To help to maximise their earnings while serving new customers.
No Capital is required to start, just your able mobile for phone or laptop with internet connections.

How To Make People Buy From You

Now, almost anybody can buy something online or find the nearest shop and buy whatever they want. However, you need customers to trust and buy their products from you. The mistake most people make is having people first to Buy from me, Trust me, Know Me, Like Me.

In your case, you need to set yourself apart by allowing your customers to first of all Like you, Know You, Trust You, and Buy from you. This kind of relationship often comes off strong, and you get recurring buyers.

Good luck with your business, learn more from people as you grow, it is essential.

Make Money as Jumia Affiliate Partner

Now, this is another lucrative part and most for internet marketers. I often see bloggers enjoy the money from affiliate marketing; that’s the real oil money of all. You can start with or without a website, and it is your choice. You need to gain knowledge of affiliate marketing before you can get started. Let’s see the benefits of being a jumia affiliate.

  • You can start without having a website by using WhatsApp or Facebook traffic.
  • As jumia affiliate, you earn up to 11% on every referral earned.
  • Get paid any day
  • You control how much you earn.

All you have to do now is to create an account with jumia as an affiliate partner. Make new friends. Talk about specific products in such a way that it will attract people to ask you for where to get it. Grab any opportunity you see, but don’t go with the mind of selling at first, you might want to answer some questions first.

Wrapping Things Up

Now you know the three ways you can from Jumia, it is your hand now to learn how these things will work for you.

  • Learn more skills in selling online if you are new
  • Attend events organised by jumia if you must learn free skills, very important.
  • Follow the due process, avoid faking and lying to your customers, or you lose them for good.

That’s my final input on three ways to earn from jumia.

Do you have questions to ask?

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Looking for similar business to start right away?


Why not try Domain selling with GoDaddy?


GoDaddy is a company with a big name in the Webhosting and domain industry. GoDaddy has been around for four decades now hosted over 19 million domains. GoDaddy pays affiliates a high commission for each product sales made.

In this Guide, I will show you how to apply for GoDaddy Affiliate Programme and start making money.

Does GoDaddy Affiliate Have An Affiliate Programme?

Godaddy Affiliate program

Yes, GoDaddy has an affiliate programme, and I’m going in-depth a little about them on to make money with GoDaddy affiliate programme.

There are two various ways to get started, but one seems to be harder than the other. I will be covering them all much later.

Why do you want to make money with GoDaddy affiliate?

Off all affiliate programmes, GoDaddy seems to be the best and flourishing. Most affiliate networks under Domain selling do not offer you commission for domain sales. They only keep it end to end with hosting and some products available to promote.

However, GoDaddy is different, and you can make sales from domains. Unlike namesilo, GoDaddy offers a higher incentive than any domains in sales companies.

Make Money With Domain Sales

If you are looking into Domain parking business, aka the internet real estate, you are welcome to start with GoDaddy.

With much customers and good reputation GoDaddy has kept over the decades, most products you promote will get the first-hand approach. In essence, you are more exposed to getting quick sales.

Domain flipping has been there, and GoDaddy has made it one of their culture to help businesses start making sales.

Now we will talk about Domain flipping much another day, but let’s focus on the main subject of this article.

How Much Does GoDaddy Affiliate Pay?

GoDaddy Affiliate Programme pays a fee of 11% – 15% for Domain sales. If you get lucky for working hard, you will earn more massive chunk of commission when customers you refer buy domains in bulk.

You are paid into Payoneer account if you are going to apply kindly consider creating an account early.

We are not just talking Domain sales here; hosting is included.

What about hosting?

GoDaddy offers hosting service has been renowned for boosting website speed, and over 18 million websites trust GoDaddy, and that’s enough reason (with proof) for anyone to use GoDaddy hosting.

Their hosting plans start from $6/Month and $89/Month for the VPS plan.

A single sale lands you better commission and leaves you convinced that you have made it. But you have to keep the hustle real and get luckier.

Who Can Join the GoDaddy Affiliate Program?

Anybody with a good website and targeted traffic can join GoDaddy Affiliate Programme and net sales big time.

If you into website designing and development, you stand a better chance of earning recurring commission from each of your customers.

All you need to do is a little conversation to convince them as to why they should go with GoDaddy hosting and domain service. Make sure they see the value for themselves.

What Does it mean to have targeted traffic?

Targeted traffic are people visiting your site in a sole aim to purchase either domain name or hosting. These type of traffic converts so well that it is hard never to get at least four sales daily.

You can get this traffic when you optimise for search engine visibility like Google and the rest.

You can build authority on this niche and earn chunks.

Where Can You Get GoDaddy Product Links to Promote and Make Money?

Here comes the big deal. A few years ago, GoDaddy affiliate programme used to be on the GoDaddy server not until they discontinued it and went on to use third party merchants.

These merchants are the most trusted and reliable companies, and I think that’s why GoDaddy made them their choice. The two platforms are as follows:

  • Commission Junction
  • Viglink


Who is Commission Junction?

Commission junction is an advertisement company founded in 1998 and operated by public groups. They help business owners like GoDaddy take care of affiliate advertising while they focus on handling customers. Commission junction is responsible for recording sales and through affiliate and disbursement of funds to affiliate partners.

The same thing with vigilant, they operate in a much similar way, and they are two separate companies.

GoDaddy trusts them because of their records and reputation to have handled merchants over the past 22 years in service.

How To Join Commission Junction

Are you ready to make money with GoDaddy affiliate? The answer Will always be yes, even if you say no. I will go ahead and show you steps to join the commission junction and start promoting GoDaddy products as soon as you can.

Step 1: Visit https://signup.cj.com/member/signup/publisher/ and click next.

Step 2: Activate your email from CJ, check your inbox verification link.

CJ Sign Up Process

Step 3: Fill the form according to your profile and credentials. Make sure every detail contained a belong to you.

Now, you must complete your w8 form for non-US and taxation purposes.

Navigate to settings>payment>tax information and fill it as none us.

How To Apply For GoDaddy Affiliate Via Commission Junction.

After filling out the tax information and completed the sign-up process.

Log in to your CJ account and click on Advertisers and then use the search bar type in GoDaddy and hit enter.

The result should be like the screenshot below

Search for Godaddy Affiliate

To apply, click on “Join Program” on the right-hand side of the page.

You will be redirected, click on June 16 and accept the terms by clicking accept on the next window.

Acccepting Terms and Conditions

Now, when you are redirected click on continue.

You have successfully applied, await approval message.

However, the approval process may take much longer time. If you want the approval urgently

All you need to do is send them a direct email requestion for their early response.

What do you think about GoDaddy affiliate program? Is it your type and what’s your input?

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