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Learn how to cancel and replace an unapproved Ethereum transaction

Sometimes it takes a long time to approve a transaction as the Ethereum network becomes crowded and commissions increase. This usually happens because of the low fee for the transaction. But the question is, can Ethereum pending transactions be replaced or canceled? Yes, but not so comfortable. Here’s how to do it.

Replacing or canceling transactions on Blockchain networks is not possible 99% of the time. Once the transaction is in a block and transmitted over the network, it can never be returned or canceled.

Normally, transactions are confirmed shortly. But sometimes it takes longer for Ethereum to approve transactions for a variety of reasons, such as high volume of network transactions or low fees. Remember that the transaction can be replaced or stopped as long as the transaction is in “pending” mode.

In most official and reputable wallets, you can replace or cancel unapproved Ethereum transactions. But in this article, we have only explained how to do this in the two wallets of Trust Walt and My Ether Walt. If you are using another wallet that you have not mastered, you can enter 12 words to recover your wallet in Trust Walt or My Ether Walt and continue working in one of these two.

Note: This is just a theory tutorial. Therefore, the user will be responsible for possible mistakes in how to do this.

Check the status of a transaction

Each transaction will have an identifier (TXid) after submission, which can be found in the transaction history. The first step in replacing or canceling an Ethereum transaction is to ensure that the transaction is “awaiting approval”. To do this, do the following:

1. Go to one of the Ethereum block probes like Etherscan.io.

۲. Enter your transaction ID in the search box.

Track transaction in ether scan
Enter the transaction ID

3. After entering the transaction ID, the transaction information is displayed to you. Each transaction has one of the following modes:

  • Successful transaction (verified)

If you do not see a warning, it means that your transaction has been made to the desired destination and the balance of the source and destination account has changed.

Replace the Ethereum transaction
The transaction has been verified
  • Failed transaction

If you see an exclamation mark (!) In red or a “BAD INSTRUCTION” message, it means that your transaction was not successful. In this case, there is no need to replace or cancel the transaction and you can register a new transaction.

If you encounter an “Out of Gas” warning, all you have to do is increase the amount of the fee in the new transaction.

  • Error “Transaction not found”

If you encounter a “Transaction Not Found” warning, ‌ means that the block probe could not find your transaction. You should try one (or more) other probes here. If your transaction is still not found, it means that the transaction is not online. In this case, send the transaction again.

  • Transaction awaiting approval

You will see a “Pending” message while your transaction is awaiting approval. Displaying this warning means that the transaction is waiting to be blocked. At this time, if you want to cancel or replace it, you can follow the next steps.

Transaction awaiting confirmation on ether scan
The transaction is awaiting approval

Cancel or replace the Ethereum transaction in the Walt Trust

Trust Walt is one of the most reputable digital currency wallets that supports Ethereum and hundreds of other digital currencies. There are three ways to solve the problem of transactions awaiting Ethereum approval in the Walt Trust:

Solution 1: Wait

If you are not in a hurry to complete the transaction, you can wait for it to be approved. Finally, the time comes when the network is less crowded and the miners choose your transaction. Remember that the exact time for confirming your transaction is not specified and you will have to wait until the transaction is confirmed. In some cases, the fee you choose is so low that the chances of confirming the transaction will be very low.

Solution 2: Replace the transaction

Each transaction has a “nonce”. If you are planning to re-enter a transaction that is in the “pending approval” stage, you must first find the nance and send a new transaction with the same nance and higher commission. This way, the network ignores your first transaction and sends the second transaction.

1. First, find a transaction that has not yet been approved in the Transaction Walt Wallet Transaction History. Click on it to see more information. In the new page, look for Nance Transaction and write it down somewhere. For example, in the image below, transaction nance is 7.

Step one

۲. Next, a new transaction with the address and value Exactly the same create. For example, if in the transaction that you intend to replace, you have transferred 2 ethers to the address that belongs to Behzad, in the new transaction, enter the address of Behzad and the amount of 2 ethers. On the confirmation page, click on the gear icon at the top right of the screen. Scroll down a bit and in the “Nonce” field, enter the previous transaction nance.

3. Submit the transaction.

Solution 3: Cancel the transaction in the Walt Trust

1. To cancel an Ethereum transaction in the Walt Trust Wallet, first find the unapproved transaction and write it down.

۲. Create a new transaction.

3. In the Recipient Address section, the address Your wallet enter.

4. In the transaction amount section Zero (0) enter.

Replace the Ethereum transaction

5. On the transaction confirmation screen, tap the gear icon at the top right of the screen. Come down a bit and replace the transaction nance with the one you noted earlier.

Replace the Ethereum transaction

6. Set the transaction fee to a higher than usual number.

7. Perform the transaction.

In this method, a new transaction is created that cancels the previous transaction.


The process of canceling or replacing a transaction in Walt Ether is similar to Walt Trust. You must use a block probe such as Etherscan to receive the transaction nance.

Cancel Ethereum Transaction in My Ether Walt

To cancel an Ethereum transaction, you must have a transaction with a value 0 (zero) Send ether to your address. This stops the verification process of the previous transaction and does not block it. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Log in to Ethplorer, Ethplorer, or any other valid blockbuster.

۲. Enter your Transaction ID (TXid).

3- If the transaction was “awaiting approval”, try your luck to cancel the transaction.

tip: If the transaction is not found, wait a few minutes and try again. If the result does not change after several tests and the use of different block probes, the transaction is not processed. In other words, it’s as if you did not make a transaction.

4. If the transaction is awaiting confirmation, sign in to My Ether Walt Wallet.

5. A transaction with the amount صفر اتر And to the destination Your own address Do it.

6. Click on the option to send the transaction.

7. On the page that opens, confirm the transaction. This is done by clicking on the “Yes, I’m Sure” option.

8. You will be shown a new ID. You can check its success by clicking on the link. If nothing is displayed to you after a few minutes, ‌ Reload the page.

Ethereum Transaction Replacement in My Ether Walt

Replacing a transaction means sending a new transaction to the person, with the aim of canceling the previous transaction.

1. Open the wallet from which you sent the transaction.

۲. In the “To Address” box, enter the address you want.

3. In the “Amount” box, enter the amount you want to transfer.

4. If you want to send a normal ether transaction, set the Gas Limit to 21,000. If you plan to send other tokens, set this to around 100,000. Otherwise do not change this section.

5. Set the transaction fee. Remember that the transaction fee must be higher than the previous transaction fee. If you want your transaction to be confirmed sooner, select this value more.

6. Be sure to enter the previous transaction Nance (which you intend to replace) in the “Nonce” section. If this number differs from the previous transaction, the new transaction replaces the previous transaction Will not. So be careful when entering it.

Use the block probe to get the previous transaction nance. Just enter the transaction ID in this browser and then remember Nance from the transaction information section.

7. Click on “Send Transaction”.

8. A page will be displayed for you here. Read the information carefully and click “Yes, I’m Sure” if everything is correct. Clicking on this option will complete the transaction.

9. You will be shown a new ID. You can check its success by clicking on the link. If nothing is displayed to you after a few minutes, فر refresh the page.


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