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Leaked documents: Chinalis uses a block probe to find users’ IPs

The leaked data shows that Chinalis uses a block probe as a tool to obtain information about users’ IPs and assist legal entities.

to the Report The Block appears to have leaked the information during a meeting to introduce Chinalis to Italian law enforcement. According to this information, Chinalis uses the Walletwxplorer service ( to collect information about users’ IPs.

Using this data set, we can provide the judiciary with useful information about IPs associated with a digital currency address. We can also check any address we want in the past to find his other bitcoin addresses. [حتی] We can also collect data from an address that has not yet communicated to the Blockchain; For example, if an owner checks a bitcoin address as part of a hijacking or threatening account, we can track his or her IP.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The information is said to have been obtained through secret documents of the Italian Web Security Police Dark Web team.

According to leaked documents, the meeting appears to be part of a police investigation into the Berlusconi Market, an Italian dark web market. The market was closed in 2019 by the police. Chinalis has declined to comment on the news.

Although Chinalis has not mentioned Walt Explorer, the two companies are related through Ales Janda. Yanda joined Chinalis in 2015 as a developer and researcher. In addition, at the bottom of the Walt Explorer website, there is an ad for Chinalis. The data show that this reference to Chinalis has been present on this website since the beginning of 2016.

Leaked documents: Chinalis uses a block probe to find users' IPs

The “About Us” section of the Walt Explorer website states:

The name database has not been updated since 2016 (except in very rare cases), which is very time consuming; Because I made Walt Explorer when I was unemployed. I then joined Chinalis, which has similar (but much more advanced) products [آنجا] I get paid to discover names. As long as I get paid for this work, I can not publish the names in public. Ask Chinalis for new names.

However, this website does not mention the use of Chinalysis services.

Chinalis is the largest data analytics company in the Blockchain industry and works with US security and legal entities. This morning, the US Treasury Department announced that it was using the services of Chinalis to boycott Russian exchange accounts.


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