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Leading analyst: Dogecoin is ready to jump

A leading analyst predicts that the digital currency may rise to $ 0.41, citing Dogecoin’s exit from its downtrend. He also mentioned another digital currency and said that it has good potential for growth.

to the Report Daily Hoodel, a popular digital currency analyst on Twitter, said that following the bitcoin price hovering above $ 45,000 and Ethereum returning to $ 3,000, Dodge Coin and another digital currency are preparing for a similar leap.

The analyst, who works under the Twitter name SmartContracter, wrote to 156,000 followers that he expects Dogecoin to break out of the downtrend and follow its leap to $ 0.41. .

He tweeted:

Wow Wow (dog voice, referring to Dogecoin), Dogecoin appears to be ready and breaking [خط] The downtrend is its key. Has the honeymoon season arrived? The movement seems to be slow but not in the long run.

Leading analyst: Dogecoin is ready to jump
Dogecoin Price Chart (Smart Contractor Analysis)

At the time of writing, the Dogecoin has risen 22.4 percent in the past 24 hours.

Smart Counterter also said that the digital currency of The Graph Protocol, known as “GRT”, may be on the rise after entering the long-term accumulation phase.

He said about Graf:

Graf with falling from the peak [تاریخی], However, lost more than 85% of its value, however, a beautiful accumulation can be seen in the 1-day view of the GRT / USD market, and in the GRT / BTC pair market, a fluctuating wave of 5 clean segments of the recent price floor has formed. .

Leading analyst: Dogecoin is ready to jump
Graph / Bitcoin and Graph / Dollar pair (Market Counter Analysis)

The analyst also said that the profit from the sale of CryptoPunks (NFT) tokens will replace CryptoPunks with other things. CryptoPunx is one of the first NFTs and digital works to be released on the Ethereum Blockchainchain. Smart Counter has said that it is buying some tokens from the Meebits collection. Mate Bates is a new NFT suite launched by Larva Labs, the maker of the popular CryptoPunx suite, and its trading volume has recently increased dramatically.

Smart Counter has said:

I sold one of the crypto punks tokens 50% more than I bought at the beginning of the month. Now I want to buy from the Mate Bates collection with the profit. Larva Labs NFTs are the only NFTs I have monetized, therefore [احتمالاً] I will only support them.


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