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Leading analyst: Cardano is not far from its price floor

One of the leading analysts in the digital currency market has said that Cardano is not far from its price floor and will probably continue its upward trend until it reaches a historic high.

to the Report Michael Van de Poppe, one of the leading digital currency market analysts, pointed out the possible points of entry into the Cardano market in the latest part of his YouTube program and said that this digital currency is a distance from its price floor. does not have.

“Depot has said:

If you are planning to buy a Cardano at this point, I think you will want to take a full look at this range, jumping to $ 2.45 [اتفاق می‌افتد] And if the price drops to 1.75, the point [مناسبی] To enter.

At the time of writing, each Cardano unit is trading at around $ 2.24.

The analyst expects Cardano to continue its uptrend, reaching a record high of $ 3.10.

He says:

So what are we waiting for at this point? It is assumed that the price will retreat slightly [در ادامه] Reach its historic peak, just like what we saw in November 2020. At that time, before the price accelerated and Cardano reached its historical peak, the price had retreated.

Referring to the Cardano / Bitcoin market situation, Van Depoop explains how the market price of this currency pair resumes its upward trend.

The analyst said:

[اکنون] We are forming falling ceilings and falling floors, and if we can cross 0.00004464 bitcoins ($ 2.50), we will be at a level that you have to monitor and then we will face a new uptrend. .

Van Deepop says that if buyers fail to cross the 0.00004464 bitcoin level, the market price of this currency pair could drop to 0.000003785 bitcoin ($ 2.04) or even 0.0003232 bitcoin ($ 1.72). Find.


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