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Leading analyst: دیگر Three more digital currencies could repeat Solana’s rise

One leading analyst in the digital currency market has named three Quinn tools that could replicate Solana’s historic leap.

to the Report The Daily Hoodle, Solana is currently the sixth largest currency on the market and trades at around $ 175. The digital currency, which operates on the basis of a smart contract platform of the same name, has grown more than 600 percent since reaching a price floor of $ 23.47 in July.

Michael van de Poppe, a digital currency trader and market expert, has been monitoring tokens for the Tezos, Polkadot and Cosmos blockchain platforms since Solana reached a new all-time high. Is.

He told his 123,000 followers on YouTube that ATOM, the main digital currency of the Cosmos network, is ready to experience a price jump based on the fundamental structure of its market.

“Depot has said:

If I were to introduce a currency that is a first-tier solution that follows Solana’s path, [گزینه‌های من] Thesos will be Pollockad and of course Cosmos, which looks amazing given its structure.

Van de Depop says the digital currency Atom will be traded in the Atom / Bitcoin pair during a two-year accumulation period, adding that after the Atom / Bitcoin market rose in August, the digital currency appears to be level again. Test 0.00051 bitcoin support ($ 22.8).

Van Depoop has introduced two key price levels to predict the next move of the atom. He says:

The $ 17.47 re-test had a good ending and everything that was lost during the crash a few days ago was recovered. I imagine that we will continue to move and break the peaks ahead. My next targets for Cosmos are $ 47.50 and $ 72.

At the time of writing, each atom is trading at around $ 27, and the price has dropped 3.5 percent in the last 24 hours.


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