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Kremlin: Russia is not ready to accept bitcoin as legal tender

Russian government officials continue to insist that the use of digital currencies such as bitcoin in payments destroys the financial system.

to the Report Coin Telegraph On Tuesday, as the acceptance of bitcoin as a legal tender began in El Salvador, the Russian government reiterated its refusal to accept bitcoin as an official currency.

Vladimir Putin’s official spokesman, Dimitry Peskov, has claimed that Russia has no reason to recognize bitcoin as its legal tender.

A Kremlin spokesman says aligning digital currencies such as Bitcoin with traditional currencies would only hurt the Russian financial and economic system. He said about this:

Russia is clearly not ready for that.

Peskov’s remarks are in line with Russia’s approach to bitcoin. Earlier, Anatoly Aksakov, a member of the Duma and one of the main figures in the bill banning digital currency payments in Russia, made similar remarks. In August last year, Aksakov declared that the acceptance of digital currencies in the payment debate meant the destruction of the financial system.

Russia earlier this year banned digital currency payments under the Digital Assets Act. However, this law does not prohibit the purchase and sale of digital currencies in this country. A few months ago, the country’s legislators announced some changes in the law. Under these changes, digital currency payments will be considered a contractual instrument.


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