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Kraken Exchange CEO: It makes “perfect sense” for Bitcoin to reach $ 1 million!

Jesse Powell, CEO of Kraken Exchange, said in a recent interview that the $ 1 million price tag for Bitcoin is “perfectly reasonable.”

to the the report In an interview with Bloomberg, Youtudi said that the price of bitcoin will go to infinity. He continued:

Of course, the price of bitcoin can only be speculated about, but if you want the dollar price [بیت کوین] Look, you have to have a mindset that goes to infinity.

In another part of his speech, he stated that he expects Bitcoin, as a value reserve, to beat gold. In another part, Powell said:

I think in the short term, people will see that bitcoin surpasses gold in terms of value storage; That’s why I say $ 1 million [بیت کوین] In the next ten years, it makes sense.

Powell predicts that people will soon start calculating and predicting the price of bitcoin. In an interesting comment, he said that planets or even the solar system can be bought with bitcoin.

It is worth noting that the Kraken exchange has reached a value of about $ 10 billion due to its recent capital acquisition.


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