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Korean teacher threatens his student with a weapon after the fall in the price of Bitcoin!

A South Korean teacher threatened one of his students with a weapon after the price of Bitcoin fell. The teacher had previously paid the student $ 17,000 to invest in Bitcoin.

to the Report The 48-year-old teacher runs a private school in Daejeon, according to Chosun. The court sentenced him to 18 months in prison and two years in prison. Threats, intimidation and extortion are among the crimes of this Korean teacher.

According to court evidence, the teacher was struggling financially in 2017 and heard at the same time that his students were making good money trading the bitcoin; The teacher gives $ 17,000 in cash to one of his students to invest in Bitcoin on his behalf. He tells his student that it does not matter if he makes a profit or loses money.

However, with the market downturn in 2018, this student is losing a large portion of his teacher’s funds.

According to the court, the teacher summons his student to school and insults him, then places an unidentified weapon on the desk and in front of the student. He then asks his student to make up for the damage he has done to him. The teacher is said to have sought to intimidate his student and even threatened to sue him.

Referring to the teacher’s guilt, Choi Sang-soo, a criminal judge at Daejeon District Court, added that the student had suffered severe psychological damage since the incident.

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