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Kim Dotcom has announced that it supports Bitcoin Cash

Kim Dotcom, a political activist and controversial tech figure, has been in the bitcoin community for a long time, but now he intends to use his influence among his audience to make the digital currency network more popular.

To Report DeCrip, Kim Dotcom, political activist and founder of MegaUpload, a closed file hosting service, “officially” joined the Bitcoin Cash community following a tweet on January 10th.

The official announcement came a year after Kim Dotcom began advertising Bitcoin Bitcoin. He blamed the bitcoin cache for the “poisonous” bitcoin community and the network’s internal divisions.

Kim said he was working to make Bitcoin Cash “the world’s leading e-money solution.” He also said that he will work on increasing the acceptance of this digital currency and will enter into negotiations with online sellers in order to expand the Bitcoin Cash database.

Kim Dotcom has announced that it supports Bitcoin Cache
Kim Dotcom Tweet

The Finnish-German entrepreneur became famous in the early 2000s after becoming a millionaire and making a living by investing in the emerging Internet (.com) domain (his bizarre last name is also rooted in this). He was convicted of fraud by the US government in 2012 and has since worked in New Zealand as a political activist and advocate of digital currencies.

In a recent tweet, he wrote in response to a question as to why he tends to be bitcoin-cash versus bitcoin:

Because Bitcoin Cache works well. It has low fees and fast transactions and is easy and safe to use. I tested all the digital currencies to use in my new invention, and the bitcoin cache met all my needs.

He added:

To date, more than 100,000 online retailers have used Bitcoin Cash on their platform, and that number is growing.

The political activist claimed that in order to increase the popularity and superiority of Bitcoin Cash over other digital currencies among the general public, he would use his network and power to “market as an elite.”

Despite these comments, Kim does not completely deny the impact of bitcoin. He wrote in the comments below his tweet that Bitcoin is now performing better as a digital currency to store value (a point that even fund managers and tech owners seem to agree on). However, he stressed that BitcoinCash is better for making online payments, although not everyone seems to agree.


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