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Coin O’Leary: Digital currencies have come to stay

Coin O’Leary, the famous judge of the Shark Tank TV show, also joined the Bitcoin investors. O’Leary, better known as Mr. Wonderful, who previously described digital currencies as “garbage,” has now changed his mind and believes that digital currencies have come to stay. The businessman, author and popular Canadian television personality who co-founded companies such as O’Leary Funds and Softkey, said he was accustomed to Bitcoin price fluctuations and believed that institutional investors despite the fluctuations. Prices continue to buy and tend to maintain price fluctuations in this digital currency.

According to the report Bitcoin Dotcom, the Canadian investor who has written three best-selling books on life, entrepreneurship and money, has recently changed his mind about Bitcoin. Formerly called “a worthless giant hamburger”, he now invests in the king of digital currencies and believes that bitcoin is no longer a fad.

He said in an interview with CNBC last week:

Most bitcoin hoodlers, including corporate investors, have tended to struggle with market fluctuations in this digital currency in the last three months.

O’Leary also said:

I fell in love with digital currencies and invested in them. I split about 3% of my portfolio between Bitcoin and Ethereum. Although I do not like the fluctuations of this market and it bothers me, but I am used to them.

Mr. Amazing said he was also considering investing in bitcoin mining infrastructure.

He commented on Bitcoin price fluctuations as follows:

Given the high volatility of digital currency prices, after entering this exciting market, first decide what percentage of your portfolio you will allocate to them. Finally, this amount is 5% for me personally.

Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, which has spent years trying to persuade Coin O’Leary to invest in Bitcoin, said about allocating 5% of his portfolio to the digital currency:

You are the one who blamed me for digital currencies making up 50% of my portfolio, and now you believe it is acceptable to give them 5% of my portfolio! Soon [این ارزها] They will account for 50% of the investment portfolio.

Coin O’Leary also responded to Pampliano:

It is true; In a world where facts change, I can change too! Lawmakers’ support and investment in bitcoin in countries like Canada and Switzerland has changed the rules of the financial markets for many investors, including me.

O’Leary has always been concerned about the stubborn opposition of governments and lawmakers around the world to bitcoin, and said in December last year that the day governments sought to crack down on bitcoin, investors in the growing digital currency had been severely defeated. The ruthless face will witness the loss of all its capital. However, he said that once the Bitcoin exchange traded fund (ETF) is approved, it will allocate 5% of its investment portfolio to this digital currency. Since the two Bitcoin exchange-traded funds have recently been approved by the Canadian Securities and Exchange Commission, O’Leary seems to have lived up to his promise.


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