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Coin Market Cap was hacked; The emails of 3.1 million users have been leaked

Recent data show that about 3.1 million emails related to CoinMarketCap users’ accounts have been sold on the black market by hackers.

to the Report Quinn Telegraph, the website of Quinn Market Cap, which specializes in informing the price of digital currencies, has been hacked and the email addresses of its 3.1 million users have been leaked.

The attack came as hacked emails were hacked and sold online in hacking forums. The news of Coin Market Cap being hacked was first published by the Have I Been Pwned website. The platform, which tracks hacks and identifies high-risk online accounts, said 3,117,548 e-mail addresses belonging to Coin Market Cap users have been leaked.

Coin Market Cap, a subsidiary of Bainance Digital Currency Exchange, says the list of published accounts is consistent with information about their users.

The information platform said:

Coin MarketCop ​​has noticed that a collection of accounts related to user accounts has been published online. The information we viewed contained only a few email addresses, but we found that they were related to data about our users.

The company announced on October 12 (October 20) that 3.1 million emails were published about their users, but stressed that hackers did not have access to the user’s account password.

A spokeswoman for Quinn Market Cap said:

We have not found any evidence that this data has been leaked from our servers. We are seriously considering this issue and will inform our users as soon as we receive new information.

Despite confirming this, Coin Market Cap has not yet identified the exact cause of the hack.

Officials at Coin Market Cap have said:

There is no password in the data we have seen, so we believe that this data may have been leaked from another platform where users have used the same password multiple times.

During the recent hacking of Coin Base exchange, 6,000 accounts of this exchange were endangered.

The attack was the result of the misuse of the Quinbase Multifunctional Authentication System (MFA) system, in which hackers were able to access the email address of the users of this exchange. According to Coin Bass, the attackers were able to identify a security breach in the user account recovery process.

“The base is Coin Bess,” he said.

The incident happened to customers who used text messages for two-step verification. Third parties exploited a flaw in the SMSbase account retrieval process to obtain a two-step verification code via SMS and log in to users’ accounts.

Although the value of the stolen property has not yet been announced by Coin Bass, thousands of account holders have formally sued the exchange.


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