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Coin Bass prepares for IPO; Worth $ 77 billion

The Coin Bass exchange is preparing for the IPO of $ 77 billion; That’s even more than the value of Intercontinental Exchange, a New York Stock Exchange company.

to the the report CoinDesk, the Coinbase digital currency exchange that is set to go public in the coming months, is valued at $ 77 billion based on private equity trading in the secondary market.

The shares of Coin Base, the largest digital currency exchange in the United States, are traded on the Nasdaq at $ 303 per share, according to two sources.

The total value of the shares of Quinn Base is $ 77 billion, which is more than the value of the Intercontinental Exchange Inc., the owner of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

A source said:

The third weekly transaction closed on Friday and the price per share [کوین بیس] It was $ 303. In the first week the price was $ 200 per share and in the second week it was $ 301; Therefore, the stock price of Coin Base is in the price discovery phase.

Coin Bass declined to comment.

Prior to the unannounced public offering, Coin Bass Private Market has set up an anonymous ordering office. The sale will allow current and former employees as well as investors in Quinn Base to sell their shares. According to sources familiar with the offering of shares of Coin Base, about 254 million shares of the company will be traded with the start of public trading.

Futures contracts are traded on the FTX digital currency derivatives exchange before the release of Coin Base, and are currently priced at $ 386.

Hopes for a public offering of CoinBase shares are rising among digital currency activists, especially since the price of Bitcoin has risen above $ 50,000.

More details on the company ‘s financial issues will be revealed in the coming weeks when the confidential form of S-1 Coin Base, registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), is released to the public.

But in the face of these big aspirations, there is another argument that a 100 percent valuation of a company may be different from a half percent valuation of its stock. However, according to one source, stocks traded in secondary sales over the past three weeks have seen a “significant volume” of trades. The source further said:

It is not the case that a handful of shares are traded at $ 300 per share. Tens of millions of dollars are traded every week, which is quite a significant amount.


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