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Karim Finance recovered $ 16 million in stolen funds

Cream Finance, which lost $ 25 million in a cyber attack about a month ago, has been able to recover $ 16 million in stolen assets.

to the Report Crypto Potito, Karim Finance has been able to recover more than $ 16 million of stolen assets a month after its second cyber attack this year.

The Decentralized Finance Protocol (DeFi) was hit by a cyber-attack for the second time this year on August 31, this time with nearly $ 25 million in Ethereum and AMP digital currency (AMP) assets. Was stolen.

At the time, the Karim Finance team had promised to follow up on the issue and keep users informed of new news.

Now, almost a month after the incident, the Karim Finance team has published positive news about the recovery of a large part of the stolen capital.

Karim Finance said on Twitter that with a full commitment to recovering these assets, it was able to return more than 5,150 Ethereums, valued at more than $ 16 million at current prices. However, there are still several million dollars left that have not yet been recovered.

Karim Finance explained in its tweet that the participants in the process of recovering these assets have received a 50% reward. This decentralized finance protocol has traditionally appreciated the bug finder and allowed the hacker to keep 10 percent of the stolen assets.


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