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Karim Finance and Pancake Swap were attacked by hackers

In two separate tweets, Cream Finance and PancakeSwap announced that their websites had been hacked and that hackers had tricked users into seeking access to their private keys. This issue has now been fixed and access to the website has been restored to the original owners.

to the the report Crypto-briefing, Karim Finance’s defense protocol, is involved in the second hacker attack. In this attack, the DNS attackers targeted the Karim Finance website and sought to deceive users and obtain their private keys.

According to Karim Finance, there was no problem with Karim’s smart contract, but the control of the project’s website was given to hackers. The hackers wanted to make the most of this control and seize the private keys and phrases of the users.

Karim has been operating as one of the most important parts of the defense ecosystem since July. One of the most important collaborations of this project is the collaboration with Yearn Finance on the Iron Bank project.

Less than a month ago, we saw an attack on Karim Finance through Alpha Finance, which ultimately led to a loss of $ 37.5 million.

Pancake Swap, which operates on Smart China Bainance, was the victim of a similar attack. Like Karim Finance, the Pancake Swap attackers sought to obtain users’ private keys.


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