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Kaiser predicts $ 100,000 increase in bitcoin

While the price of some digital currencies is steadily rising, the current price of Bitcoin shows that it is still the father of digital currency. Max Kaiser, TV presenter and host of the economic program Keiser Report Rashatoudi News Network, He beleives; Bitcoin will eventually reach a price of $ 100,000.

In late November, the price of bitcoin reached its highest possible level. (Crossing the $ 8,000 mark after an uncertain period of several months in which the Seguet-X2 Fork had a negative impact on the market. On November 21 this year, the price of Bitcoin rose as usual to $ 8,400, setting another record. .)

Kaiser believes that Bitcoin’s ability to withstand multiple changes, as well as multiple Altcoin competitors, shows that Bitcoin is the most trusted digital currency:

“Bitcoin will continue to dominate and push cryptocurrencies forward. Hundreds of reports about Bitcoin have been published in the press, but none of them have come true and will not. “Bitcoin is, in fact, a gift from God to help humanity get their finances in order.”

Identity Crisis

Kaiser predicts a good future for Bitcoin, but the fact remains that the network is constantly facing growing problems. The Sagittarius X2 may have been dropped for now, but the shortcomings that the fork was trying to address remain. Simply put, the growing volume of transactions weighs heavily on network capacity, and this volume of transactions makes bitcoin a more difficult payment method.

However, Kaiser believes the answer is this: Bitcoin should focus on the role of digital gold and no longer be used as a means of payment.

Kaiser said:

“Dash currency will gradually become an encrypted payment method and the position of bitcoin as the second gold will be established. My suggestion is; “People who do not hope to discuss the scalability of bitcoin should use Dash to pay and leave the bitcoin core to focus on the Gold Two project.”

Wall Street money

Wall Street money

Most investors seem to have reacted positively to the portrayal of Bitcoin as digital gold. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the fact that mainstream institutional investors have entered the market with huge multibillion-dollar investments. Of course, there has been a lot of good news lately about the rise in bitcoin prices, often due to the growing connection between bitcoin and traditional capital management. The most important story heard in this news; The launch of a controlled market for bitcoin futures was by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). This market is supposed to have a lot of risk coverage boxes. It has also been announced that these funds will start trading or trading digital currency as soon as these markets start operating. It suddenly became clear that Kaiser’s prediction about Bitcoin would come true in the near future. He cited the connection between Apple and the advent of bitcoin, its flexibility and success:

“I remember when I bought Apple stock in the late 1990s, it was worth less than $ 100 million. Michael Dell (Founder of the computer company Dell), said that Apple should shut down and get out before it becomes more embarrassing. “Twenty years later, Apple’s total stock market value is close to $ 1 trillion, and Michael Dell’s reputation has waned and no one is talking about him anymore.”

Global change

In August, the Coin Telegraph interviewed Max Kaiser about sponsoring the TV show Great American Pilgrimage. During the interview, he predicted the future state of digital currencies:

“I’m not interested in forecasting prices, because it prevents the best way to participate in the digital economy. (Ie buying and keeping currency). The next ten years will see vast changes globally. The money will be deposited into networks of revenue-generating ideas around the world. “These thoughts and ideas interact seamlessly, consciously, and unconsciously around the world, and are intertwined in the impactful economy and with the generosity of digital currency.”

Source: cointelegraph


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