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JPMurgan: If customers want, we will start bitcoin trading

Daniel Pinto, a senior official at JPMorgan Bank, says the banking giant will move to support bitcoin trading if there is a demand from customers.

to the the report “The Block,” Daniel Pinto, chief operating officer and current chairman of JP Morgan, said in an interview with CNBC:

If an asset class is gradually developed to the extent that it can be used by capital managers and various investors, we will step in and facilitate its trading. However, for now, demand [برای معامله بیت کوین] There is not, but we have no doubt that we will finally meet this demand.

Earlier last month, there were reports that Jeep Morgan had held a nationwide meeting with thousands of traders and employees around the world, asking senior bank executives when to enter the field. [معامله‌گری] Bitcoin becomes. Pinto reportedly expressed optimism about the incident at the meeting. As you probably know, the current helmsman of Jeep Morgan, Jamie Dimon, has long spoken out against Bitcoin and even called it a blatant scam.

Pinto, however, believes that Bitcoin is expanding its acceptance. He cited a recent move by BlackRock to add bitcoin futures as a qualifying investment to its two mutual funds, and said such moves could confirm the growing popularity of bitcoin market participants.

Pinto added that if Bitcoin is legalized, JP Morgan traders can trade with reputable exchanges and reputable digital currency customers.

Traditional, long-established financial institutions and companies are rapidly rising to accept bitcoin. BNY Mellon, the oldest US bank, announced yesterday that it plans to offer Bitcoin and other digital currency trust services later this year. Citibank, another major US bank, and Jeep Morgan have previously stated that they are considering various aspects of providing digital currency deposit services.

These constructive developments have caused the price of Bitcoin to rise in recent weeks. According to Trading View data, each bitcoin unit is currently trading in the $ 46,550 range.


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