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John McAfee has been charged with fraud in digital currencies

The US Department of Justice has charged John McAfee with several counts of fraud and money laundering.

to the the report US Department of Justice has accused cryptocurrencies of American entrepreneur John McAfee of carrying out a “pump and dump” scheme. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has previously accused him of fraudulently promoting the ICO.

The high-profile entrepreneur, who was arrested in Spain last year after being arrested for tax evasion, is now facing more charges and problems on charges of carrying out a “pump and dump” scheme and fraudulent propaganda for the initial coin offering.

The US Department of Justice has now charged him with fraud and money laundering. The U.S. Attorney General in the Southern District of New York on Saturday charged McAfee with conspiracy to commit commodity and securities fraud, conspiracy to commit securities and black market fraud, collusion and conspiracy to commit online fraud and money laundering.

McAfee has allegedly used Twitter to promote Altcoins in a “pump and dump” scheme. He is also accused of advertising coins for initial public offerings without disclosing that he was paid to do so. Jimmy Watson, a member of McAfee Digital Currency Advisory Team, is also facing charges.

William F. William F. Sweeney Jr., FBI Deputy Director, said:

McAfee and Watson allegedly used a social network to carry out an old pump-and-dump scheme that cost them nearly $ 2 million.

Sweeney also stated that McAfee and Watson used the same social network to advertise sales without disclosing that they had received money for it.

McAfee is best known for founding McAfee Corp., but claims about his connection to the drug trade and his extremist view of digital currencies have left him with a wide margin.

Last year, the US Securities and Exchange Commission accused him of fraudulently promoting initial coin offerings, and the US Department of Justice charged him with tax evasion. McAfee is currently in prison in Spain on these charges.


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