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Jiquin Hash; A creative plan to get acquainted with scam projects

Sometimes direct warnings about fraudulent projects and Panzi schemes do not work, and the financial incentives evoked by the false claims made in them are so great that they turn a blind eye to the facts. In the meantime, there is a lack of creative ideas to introduce the public to scam projects. Jcoin is one of these ideas that was recently created to familiarize people with the intricacies of China’s blockchain scams and digital currencies.

At first glance and after entering جیکوین سایت We come across the common terms of scam projects such as “Bitcoin cloud mining” and “risk-free currency earnings”, which at least motivate the user to register in this system. JQUIN’s humorous exaggeration in describing the features of the Bitcoin cloud mining system, the observance of most of the features of Scam sites such as deposits, counterfeit views, fake statistics, and the view that JQUIN will multiply in value in the future, has made it an interesting contradiction of fraudulent sites. .

Jiquin Hash;  A creative plan to get acquainted with scam projects

By browsing JQueen’s website, you can see that the creator was more obsessed with some of Panzi’s designs and did not leave the content of various pages, including rules and regulations, or the blog blank, so that the audience would not doubt the website’s credibility.

After the registration process, which is done only by receiving your name and surname and in a fraction of a second, you will be logged in to your account, which can seemingly be credited as an investment in your account. But the purpose of creating such a site at this stage and after displaying the following message is specified.

Jiquin Hash;  A creative plan to get acquainted with scam projects

GeQuin is a creative project that you can introduce to people who insist on investing in such projects. Sometimes getting in the humor and introducing such projects in their own language can have a greater impact than direct warning, which seems to have been the case with Mohammad Jorjandi, webmaster and the person who launched JQuin Hash.

Jiquin Hash;  A creative plan to get acquainted with scam projects

However, as the Blockchain and digital currencies have evolved, Panzers have been using new terminology and innovations in the field, extending their scams from the WCX and PM7 levels to smart contracts and oracles. But there are still common features in all of these projects that users will no longer easily fall into the trap of scammers.


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