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Japan will test Blockchain for government contracts

According to reports Recently, Japan sought to use the Blockchain in systems Online for Contracts It is governmental.

Japan will test Blockchain for government contracts
According to the Nikkei Asian Review, the Ministry of Interior and Communications, which directly oversees Japan’s administrative system and management Province Is responsible for One China-based blockchain system until March 2018 For processing Tenders The government will test.
In trade, governments Invite traders for contracts they do And Offers And costs ان‌ها Review and then choose the best option for collaboration they do. Japanese authorities they want Examine whether blockchain is able to improve speed Efficiency Existing processes and connection offices Is there a government to exchange information or not? In this way, Blockchains to share information and data Will be part of the back-end system.
According to research by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, more than once a year 600 billion Dollar per year, the amount of Japanese government spending in the sector contracts Is, which is equal to 16.2 Percentage of GDP and 38.3 Of the total percentage costs It is the public sector.
The Japanese government hopes that Success آيز Being this plan can costs Yourself to the extent PossibleAttention Reduce.
Of course, it is not just Japan that is trying to do this experiments Is. Public Service Department States UnitedIt is also looking to test a prototype of the design to see how it blocks China CanReview process contracts Improve.
Source: Nikkei Asian Review-coindesk


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