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Jack Dorsey: Ethereum alone cannot affect tech giants

Jack Dorsey, known as one of the biggest fans of Bitcoin, said that the Ethereum network alone could not affect large technology companies. He said he has no problem with Ethereum but his focus is still on Bitcoin.

to the Report Coin Telegraph, Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO and a die-hard Bitcoin fan, apparently does not want to change his personal opinion about Ethereum. In his latest statement on the market’s second largest digital currency, he said that the Ethereum network alone could not change the current state of the tech giants (Big Tech).

The tech giants, or Big Tech, are the five largest companies in the technology industry, including Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft.

Dorsey said in this regard:

Making a fundamental change in the status of tech giants is exactly what we need, and I want it. However, no single technology can do that.

Dorsey’s remarks followed a Twitter conversation about the benefits of using NFT tokens on the social network. In the conversation, a person with the username “Seyitaylor” said that in his opinion, such a move would be in the interests of Ethereum rather than Twitter.

Dorsey agrees that such an action affects the Ethereum ecosystem more than it matters for its own platform.

Twitter CEO added:

Any Twitter account can be linked to a Lightning wallet.

Despite Twitter’s low profile in the area of ​​counterfeit tokens and Jack Dorsey’s own use of the technology to raise money for charity, he remains a staunch supporter of Bitcoin, much to the dismay of Ethereum’s extremist and moderate fans.

In response to Dorsey’s remarks, a Twitter user asked him to explain why he still hates Ethereum, even though there is more space for more than one member to work in the field of digital currency.

Dorsey replied to this user:

Focusing on one thing does not mean hating other options. I share your concerns about the other [ارزهای دیجیتال] I have said and compared them with bitcoin. The most important of these are the fundamental principles of security and centralism.

In another tweet, Garry Tan explored the secret of Dorsey’s focus and interest in bitcoin. Another Twitter user, Timothy Kim, responded by pointing to Bitcoin’s promise to provide a stable currency, saying it was especially necessary for the underprivileged. Dorsey went on to say that he wanted to solve the money problem by supporting Bitcoin, and that he did not intend to do so.

In another related tweet, Dorsey dismissed claims by some users that he was making fun of Ethereum, adding that decentralization was not his ultimate goal, but only a way to solve money problems. Elsewhere, he said that while he agrees with the principle of non-parable tokens, his support for Lightning has nothing to do with them and is more about launching currency for the Internet.

This has been one of Dorsey’s slogans since at least 2018, and he has repeatedly said that he believes bitcoin will be the only Internet currency. Contrary to other Bitcoin fans who agree that Ethereum’s market value may one day surpass that of Bitcoin, Dorsey has so far shown no willingness to invest in this tool.


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