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Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter: The “Bitcoin model” is appropriate for free speech on the Internet

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey praised the decentralized bitcoin model in a tweet supporting the blocking of Donald Trump’s account on the social network.

To Report Explaining the reasons for blocking Donald Trump’s Twitter account, Jack Dorsey, Jack Dorsey, explained in a 13-part tweet that this was the “right decision” for Twitter.

Donald Trump’s accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram ‌ and YouTube have been blocked. The incident came after he called on his supporters to gather in front of the Congress building to protest the election results. This request eventually led to the death of 4 people. These social networks have accused Trump of “promoting violence” by using their platforms.

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter: The

Dorsey, meanwhile, described Twitter’s move as a deeper one. According to him, the blocking of Donald Trump’s account has “tangible and extensive aspects”. According to him, although his company’s recent decision was only a “business decision in line with the company’s policy”, it can be likened to a restriction on access by governments.

Dorsey explains that he did not want Twitter’s unilateral decision to end in “suppression of the global free internet.” He believes that the decentralized model of Bitcoin is a better way to achieve control and monitoring of the Internet in the future. He further wrote:

Bitcoin shows what the Internet wants and over time these signs will become more and more.

The biggest reason I am so interested in Bitcoin is the model it offers: a fundamental Internet technology that no entity or individual can influence or control.

Dorsey also told her followers that Twitter was constantly moving towards a decentralized future. He said about this:

[توییتر] Capital has provided an initiative in connection with a decentralized standard for social networks.

Dorsey also tweeted the House of Representatives’s second complaint against Trump. This tweet has been liked about 41,000 times.


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