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It will be mandatory to have this payment to receive the payment gateway from tomorrow; What will happen to the portal of digital currency exchanges?

Shaparak has sent a notice to paying companies stating that it will not be possible to introduce a new payment gateway to businesses without this certificate from tomorrow. However, domestic digital currency exchanges are not able to receive this symbol and are temporarily operating without this symbol by the order of the E-Commerce Development Center.

According to Arzdigital, the electronic card payment network company, or Shaparak, has sent a message to the paying companies a few hours ago, stating that from tomorrow, the 3rd of Azar, obtaining the electronic trust symbol or the same symbol will be mandatory for the acceptors of payment gateways. This date will not be possible after adding new acceptors who do not have this. Meanwhile, the FinTech Association, activists and experts in the field, had previously stated their opposition to the requirement to receive a payment gateway.

The text of Shaparak’s message reads:

Hereby informs the paying companies, from Wednesday, 03/09/1400, obtaining the symbol of electronic trust is required for the supported acceptors. Obviously, from this date it will not be possible to define a new supported acceptor without an electronic trust symbol.

According to experts, this measure could create barriers for start-ups and the Iranian e-commerce market. In the case of digital currency exchanges, however, the issue is slightly different from other businesses.

Domestic exchange offices were previously unable to receive the emad, so about three months ago, the e-Commerce Development Center issued a statement announcing that emad was required to receive the payment gateway, stating that businesses active in the financial field New ones, such as digital currency exchanges, for which legislation has not yet been enacted, can temporarily receive payment gateways without initial registration.

The announcement of this organization states:

In order to solve the problem of businesses operating in new financial areas for which regulations have not been regulated so far, after initial registration in the Inmad system, only by authenticating the domain and without granting Inmad, providing payment gateways to them until the assignment of the mentioned areas is recognized. And central bank approval.

According to the e-Commerce Development Center, digital currency exchanges will no longer be required to have an IMAD to receive payment gateways, but will need to register their domain in the IMAD system. In addition, Shaparak’s message today only states that “it will not be possible to define new acceptors without proof” from December 23rd, and does not mention non-proof businesses that already had a portal.

Ali Amiri, the co-founder of Zarrinapal Company, in a conversation with Arzdigital and regarding the responsibility of paying companies in the face of Shaparak’s new announcement, said:

Businesses that already have a payment gateway and do not have this service are currently being offered, but new announcements may come in a few months and the rules may change again.

According to experts, the issue of providing payment gateways to digital currency exchanges is largely influenced by legislation in this area and the decision of the Central Bank, parliament and other officials. It remains to be seen how the new legislation will direct domestic digital currency exchanges.


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