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Isfahan Governor’s Office official: Even if we light candles at night, extracting digital currencies has a significant exchange rate!

Sayyed Hassan Ghazi Asgar, Isfahan Governor’s Deputy Coordinator for Economic Affairs, stated the benefits of extracting digital currencies and the significant currency appreciation of these currencies, saying that even if we light candles at night and generate currency codes with the electricity we use, it will have significant currency.

Seyyed Hassan Ghazi Asgar stated this afternoon in a press conference on the construction of the country’s first currency exchange town in Isfahan province:

One of the projects that we have been looking for a long time to create and launch has been a farm and currency code extraction in Isfahan.

He continued:

Due to the fact that the Frieden region was cold in terms of climate, we sought to establish this farm in this region in order to turn this region into a knowledge-based region, meaning that low-water green projects should be implemented in this region.

Isfahan Governor’s Deputy Governor for Economic Affairs said:

I believe that carrying out any project in the province should have added value and currency; Because the development of people’s livelihoods happens through exports, currency exchange and the removal of unnecessary regulations.

He clarified:

In light of the above, a private sector activist agreed with us to turn the place into a cryptocurrency town, given that Frieden Industrial Town had been established for more than 20 years but had been abandoned.

Judge Asgar continued:

Due to the cold region, the energy consumption of the project is also reduced. We were looking to set up a bitcoin mining farm in an area with a surplus of electricity, so according to an inquiry from the provincial electricity department, Semirom, Kuhpayeh and Mohammadabad Jargaviyeh had this feature.

Isfahan Governor’s Deputy Governor for Economic Affairs said:

Currency password mining activity is not polluting. Its energy consumption is low due to the cold region and has a good potential to improve the living conditions of the region.

He further stated:

The permits for this project were obtained quickly with the cooperation of other devices, and now this project is ready for digging. According to what I said, the economy can be successful when it recognizes the economic benefits of the province and the added value it can create. This complex, which includes a currency code farm, a factory for the production and assembly of miner devices (currency code extraction machine), a currency code pool and an applied science center for training specialized personnel, will have a significant impact on the province’s economic growth.

Isfahan Governor’s Deputy for Economic Affairs Coordination, stating that the energy supply is done through a set of green methods, noted:

We are looking for an investment to establish a modern power plant next to the complex so that this complex will be self-sufficient and can produce currency codes 24 hours a day.

Isfahan Governor’s Deputy for Economic Affairs Coordination stated:

One of the best ways to trade abroad that no sanctions can prevent is the currency code, so that even if we light candles at night and generate the currency code with the electricity we use, it will be significant.

Judge Asgar stated:

Payment of blind and non-targeted subsidies Most of the country’s resources are spent as subsidies in the field of electricity.

He clarified:

Subsidized electricity prices are only 10% of exported electricity, this awareness needs to be done at the community level to reduce energy consumption, people allow this energy to be used in value-added industries.

Isfahan Governor’s Deputy for Economic Affairs Coordination, stating that by creating some high value-added industries such as cryptocurrency farms, we will have a better future, said:

For example, we are now looking for an investment that could establish a watch factory in the province.

Regarding the supply of electricity needed by the town due to the lack of electricity in the summer, Judge Asgar said:

Incentives are considered that respond to consumption during peak hours or save electricity consumption, on the other hand, in other hours we have a lot of electricity that is not consumed. Turning on and off the plant is costly.

He clarified:

We have been looking for a long time to start a coexistence plan, a plan in which greenhouses are set up alongside energy-wasting industries so that greenhouses can get the heat they need, because greenhouses now use greenhouses to produce greenhouse gases. This has been followed by climate change and reduced rainfall.

Isfahan Governor’s Deputy for Economic Affairs, stating that a large number of miners and mining devices have been discovered in Isfahan province in recent years, said:

There are more than 100,000 devices in Isfahan customs. We are looking to consolidate these miners in collections such as the Frieden currency code town, so that the currency code is generated with it and part of its revenue is paid to the people from whom the devices were confiscated.

Judge Asgar concluded:

Some European countries are now replacing wind farms with newer ones. We are looking for these power plants to be installed and commissioned in Isfahan province and to generate electricity to cryptocurrency towns.


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