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“Is Fiat dead?” Sold as NFT

Time Magazine yesterday (April 6) sold 4 unique tokens from its 4 famous designs worth nearly half a million dollars, in the form of Ethereum. One of these plans is Time’s famous headline “Is Fiat [پول رایج] Is dead?” Was.

to the Report DIMCRIPT TIME magazine sold four unique tokens from various volumes of the digital magazine for approximately $ 500,000. The tokens were auctioned on the SuperRare platform yesterday and sold for a total of 276 Ethereums for $ 446,000.

Unparalleled token (NFT) is a unique and rare digital asset. These tokens can be purchased using Blockchain technology and transferred on the same platform. The tokens sold were among the most popular issues of Time magazine, all dealing with a specific topic.

This collection was sold in 1966 with the famous cover of Time magazine entitled “Is God Dead?” Began. This sentence is one of the most controversial and controversial articles in the history of Time magazine, which was published for the first time 50 years ago without a photo and with only three words and a question mark. John Elson, Time Religious Affairs Secretary, was the author of this article, and this popular Time magazine cover sold as an NFT token for 70 Ethereums for $ 112,000.

Later, for the second time during Trump’s presidency, the plan was entitled “Is the Truth Dead?” used. This Time magazine cover also sold as a unique token worth 88 Ethereums for $ 141,000.

The third work in the series is another issue of Time magazine entitled “Is Fiat Currency Dead?” Which was released on March 29. This is the title of an article on the growing growth of NFTs, as well as the surpassing of digital currencies over the fiat currencies of various governments, including the dollar. This famous cover also sold for 83 Ethereums ($ 1,130,000).

But the fourth work in this series is a picture that includes all three volumes of the magazine. This image, which shows the magazine’s consistent design over 55 years, also shows the evolution of the printing industry with the advent of digital technology, which sold for 35 Ethereums for $ 56,000.

Time Magazine is one of the companies that has recently become interested in the world of NFTs. The market for these unique tokens has grown significantly this year. Many artists are selling their works for millions of dollars and launching their own NFT brands to take advantage of this opportunity. While it is not yet clear whether Fiat currencies are dead, NFTs are alive and well.


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