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Introduction to XETH Desktop Wallet

Currency Support: EthereumIntroduction to XETH Desktop Wallet

Executable operating systems: Windows, Linux, Mac

XETH is an easy-to-use Ethereum wallet available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Fedora and Opensuse. XETH allows users to send, receive and store Ethereum, while users have full access to their wallet using their private key.

XETH wallet feature:

STEALTH payment: Stealth payment is a personal exchange and takes care of the recipient’s privacy and only two parties to the transaction can see the transaction date.

Open source:

BitProfile support: XETH Wallet lets you create or import BitProfile.
BitProfile is an unlimited system that allows users to share the same profile across multiple decentralized applications or receive them anonymously directly.

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Introduction to XETH Desktop Wallet

XETH Wallet was launched in 2016 to create a decentralized Ethereum wallet. This system is completely open source and at the same time secure and can be used in other Ethereum-based applications. What sets this wallet apart from many other Ethereum wallets is the STEALTH payment technology.

In normal payments, the user, having the public address of your wallet, can see the details of the transaction such as the address of the recipient and sender or the date of the transaction. But in this type of payment, a special address is created and only two parties to the transaction are able to see the details.

General steps of using XETH wallet

1. Refer to the site

2. Download wallet and get wallet address

3. Charge your wallet and use Ethereum


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