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Introduction to blockchain based search engines

The Blockchain can change all the old processes and realize the dream of smartening and decentralizing the whole world. One of the things that the Blockchain can change is the Internet. The future of the Internet with the Blockchaink is very beautiful.

What is a decentralized search engine?

The decentralized search engine uses a unique distributed technology called blockchain.

Let’s start with a simple example:
As you know, Google is the most famous and most widely used search engine on the Internet. But this network is not decentralized. When you type a word, your data is stored on Google servers. Because of the centrality of the Google Network, access to this data is possible by Google developers.

Of course, Google has repeatedly stated that this data is confidential and will not disclose it to anyone, but still no real trust has been established.

But with Blockchain, you will have more privacy in finding the products and services you need. In this technology, you are the real owner of your information and your data will not be sent to the servers of a particular system. Data in the Blockchain is distributed among millions of computers.


You probably know Google Adwords. Sometimes Google ads are annoying. With new technology, you will get rid of annoying ads and you will see the content and ads that you like.

How does this technology work?

This technology will work like any other search engine. In this platform, the relevant information about your searches in Blockchain is stored and checked and the information is transferred back to your computer.

The same is true of regular search engines, except that in Blockchain, your data is stored and analyzed in a decentralized database. You will be able to use the Internet anonymously using a unique private key.

In the new generation of search engines, you can also provide your information to online stores using smart contracts so that they show the ads you want, which allows you to earn some money this way, and also stores from They prevent advertising intermediaries and annoying advertisements.

In addition, users can be rewarded for any related search that goes directly from the advertiser to the user. An example of this is the BitClave search engine, which will be launched soon. The main advantage of such an ecosystem is that it allows users to make the most of their online searches and get information about the products they are really interested in.

Why do we need decentralized search engines?

The field of online advertising is run by a number of very large companies, including Google, Amazon and Facebook.

These big companies, in a way, tell other companies, “If you want to be seen, you have to get help from us.”

What many people do not know is that when we browse the Internet through search engines or major social networks, we give them our personal information.

This information may be made available to advertising companies, stores, and even security and intelligence services. So the Internet needs change. These changes are now possible with Blockchain technology.

A decentralized search engine distributes all the power between users. You own your information in this system and if you want, you can provide it to advertising companies to show some of your favorite ads and earn some money from web browsing.

If you do not want to, you can use the Internet space with full privacy with the real ownership of your information.


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