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Introduction to Audius; Digital currency that grew by 230% in one month

Audius is a decentralized protocol for playing and sharing music. In this platform, transactions are done directly between listeners and music producers. Among the benefits of Odyssey are the freedom to distribute, monetize products, and share a variety of audio content.

to the Report AltQueen Open, in this platform, anyone can create a user community for themselves and earn money. As the developers of this platform point out, there is no mention of the challenges that users face in using similar service providers; Users can easily share their generated content. These advantages have led to a significant jump in the price of the AUDIO token.

In Odyssey, audio content is played at a quality of 320 kbps, which is a good quality in itself. Another benefit of this platform is lifelong access to content and unlimited product uploads.

On this platform, Discovery Nodes register the ODIUS content general ledger, which greatly facilitates access to them. Content Nodes are another type of Odyssey node whose job is to host and provide access to content on behalf of artists. The Odyssey General Content Office also verifies the authenticity of the data.

Holders of AUDIO tokens can participate in network voting. The ability to share this token is also provided for users. By sharing currencies, users can access features such as artist tokens and various tokens online.

Odyssey price

The price of the Odyssey was previously stabilizing at $ 0.59 to $ 1.45. The digital currency managed to start a massive jump by breaking the $ 1.45 resistance. The Odyssey is currently trading in the $ 3.01 range.

Adios price chart
Odyssey price chart

Experts and analysts cite $ 2.73 as one of the main supports of this digital currency. According to them, if the price of Odyssey stays above this range, there is a possibility of growth up to 3.32 and even $ 4.05.

The next target for the price of this digital currency is $ 6.2. Crossing this price range can lead to $ 9.66. It should not be forgotten that breaking the $ 2.73 support will cause further falls, and we may see the Odyssey reach $ 2.17. $ 1.92 and $ 1.45 are the next supports of this digital currency.


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