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Introduction of POLONIEX exchange

Polonix is ​​another digital currency exchange located in the United States. This exchange is very popular among the American people and conducts exchanges with the best speed and security. But because it has many authentication steps, it is not usable for everyone.

The exchange also does not serve Iranians due to existing sanctions.


Exchange fees

The maximum fee in this exchange is 0.25 of exchanges. In the photo below, the details of the exchange fee can be seen.


  • The figure on the left refers to those who intend to sell or buy currency at a special price (above or below the world price) (Maker)
  • The figure on the right refers to those who intend to buy and sell currency from makers. (Taker)
  • BTC is the acronym for Bitcoin
Poloniex fees

Polonix site exchange fee

Charging and withdrawing from the account in this exchange is also free of charge.

Different wallets

The exchange offers about 90% of digital currency wallets. Of course, sometimes these wallets are deactivated, but the company has promised that in the event of theft or destruction of digital currencies on the site, if the site is to blame, all amounts will be refunded.

identity confirmation

In this exchange, to confirm your identity, you must scan the national card of the country and send a photo of yourself to the site. This exchange does not serve a handful of countries, including Iran.

Site address

The address of this site is the following address, but for Iranian users with Iranian IP, it is not possible to enter the site, then use the IP change software to enter the site:


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