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Internet Definiti project launched after 5 years; Coming soon in exchange offices

After five years of development, the Dfinity Foundation launched the Internet Computer platform. Computer Internet has been one of the most anticipated Blockchain projects in recent years.

to the the report CoinDesk, the Internet of Things, is a platform based on smart contracts that are as fast as the Internet. The launch of the Internet has long been regarded as one of the most anticipated developments in the field of digital currencies.

Founded in 2016, Definiti has been working on the project for five years to launch it. Dominic Williams, the founder of Definiti, said in an interview:

This is a completely new platform. Is a public platform and Internet sequel. We are finally looking for the exceptional aspect of the Blockchain.

The platform is now being launched with several ecosystem companies that have been created to demonstrate its technology accumulation, including Enso Finance Decentralized Exchange, Distrikt Professional Social Network, Fleek Decentralized Web Infrastructure, and the Calvin Origin Review platform. (Origyn) and several others.

With the launch of this platform, 469,213,710 application tokens (ICPs) were activated under the NRS system. These tokens can now be transferred to exchanges such as Coinbase. The exchange had previously announced plans to list the tokens on the Coinbase Pro platform.

Definiti is funded by Andreessen Horowitz, Polychain Capital and many more.


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