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Instagram allows you to create and sell unparalleled tokens (NFT)

Recent reports suggest that Instagram is looking to launch a section for special content. Launching a platform to sell users’ products in the form of unique tokens is one of the other services that Instagram seeks to provide.

to the the report TechCranch, Instagram’s new service, allows users to publish stories that are only available to certain people who have paid to view them. This feature is similar to the Super Follow feature previously introduced by Twitter.

Instagram has confirmed that the images that are being obtained on social networks about this new feature are related to the initial version of the special services of this social network. According to Instagram, this section is being developed but has not yet been publicly tested. The company did not provide further details.

This new section is called Exclusive Stories. These stories will have a separate color scheme in the software. According to published images, such stories will be shown only to certain people. The release of these features has been reported by Alessandro Pauluzzi, who generally reveals the unpublished features of various software code by reverse engineering them.

Instagram allows you to create and sell unparalleled tokens (NFT)

As we said before, proprietary stories are just a part of Instagram apps to monetize their users. Adam Mosseri announced last month that the company was considering adding a feature to offer unparalleled tokens on Instagram.

Palozy recently introduced this new feature of Instagram as “Collectibles” and it will probably be available as a new tab in the profile of the “creator” of Instagram accounts.

Instagram allows you to create and sell unparalleled tokens (NFT)

So far, Instagram has not officially introduced any of these features. He has already mentioned them.

For example, early last month, on the sidelines of an Instagram event, Masri described some of the content makers’ capabilities on the platform and said that Instagram was interested in those areas. He did not say which of these features is in active development.


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