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Informed source: Amazon to start accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and Bitcoin Cash by the end of the year

An Amazon employee has said that the company intends to accept bitcoin as a payment method and will most likely start accepting it later this year. He said that in addition to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and Bitcoin Cash are also among Amazon’s options.

to the Report Youtoodey leaked new information about the company’s digital currency-related plans on Friday after Amazon published a job advertisement for a Blockchain and digital currency expert.

An unnamed source told the British newspaper City AM that the e-commerce giant plans to start accepting bitcoin as a payment method this year. If this claim is true, such a development could quickly increase the potential for digital currency adoption around the world.

He claims that Amazon has been working on its digital currency project for years, which means that Amazon has done the least necessary research:

This is not to say that Amazon is merely planning to take on the task of launching digital currency payment methods in the future;

An unnamed Amazon employee has said that the company will not end with bitcoin and will move to Ethereum, Cardano and Bitcoin after accepting the largest digital currency on the market.

He added:

This will not take long, because the plans are already prepared and they are [آمازون] They have been working on it since 2019.

Apparently, the third largest US corporation is preparing to launch its own indigenous digital currency.

Amazon Web Services, one of Amazon’s subsidiaries in the field of cloud computing, has already launched two Blockchain services in November 2018 (November 97). The two services were launched exactly one year after current Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said the company had so far ignored the importance of the Blockchain.


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