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Informal: Report of the Tax Administration on how to identify digital currency traders

According to an unofficial file published in cyberspace, the Deputy Minister of Tax Revenues of the Office of Inspection and Combating Tax Evasion and Money Laundering, affiliated to the National Tax Affairs Organization, in a report entitled “Identification of Economic Activists in Ramzarz”, points out methods that can be In this way, he collected taxes from activists in this field.

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According to Arzdigital, the report has been compiled in 10 chapters. In the first to fifth sections, Blockchainchain technology, digital currencies, types of exchanges and the transaction process and how to choose the best exchange are discussed and defined.

In the sixth section, the method of identifying the activists in this field, which passes through the channels of active digital currency exchanges in the country, is discussed.

This institution refers to the major part of digital currency transactions in well-known exchanges that “have received their internet payment gateway license from payment companies or under the supervision of Shaparak company and sometimes the e-Trust symbol from the e-commerce development center of the Ministry of Silence and the national emblem.” “They have received digital media registration from the Ministry of Guidance or received an operating license from the provincial computer trade union organization, and some of them are knowledge-based companies that have received their license from the Vice President for Science and Technology.”

In the first step, obtaining the identity information of these digital currency exchanges from the mentioned organizations and other related institutions, and in the second step, obtaining customer information, the amount of transactions and transactions of individuals in these exchanges as a starting point can be helpful.

In this section, the Deputy Minister of Tax Revenues writes in connection with transactions in decentralized exchanges:

It should be noted that in order to identify other persons active in this field who operate professionally and without registration of identity information and through decentralized exchange offices and anonymously, it is possible by approving the necessary laws and requiring the country’s banks to set the quorum for banking transactions. Implemented Article 1.4 of the Executive Regulations of the Anti-Money Laundering Law.

In a report attributed to the Deputy Minister of Tax Revenues, it is stated that if the decision-making and legislative institutions in the country have an approach to taxation of transactions in the digital currency market, this can be done in three ways.

Taxation of capital gains، Collection of flat tax on transactions and conversion of common currencies into common currencies And Collection of taxes under the title of Ramzarz business tax, Are three methods that this office has mentioned as methods of taxation in this area.

In a part of this report, regarding the methods of taxation of cryptocurrency transactions, we read:

In this regard, it is first necessary to officially issue the license of Ramzarz private exchange offices with the approval of sound laws, and to allow any exchange and purchase of digital currencies and their conversion into currency, and to open virtual wallets only with these exchange offices. And all transactions outside these exchanges should be considered smuggling.

The following is the report:

It is necessary to pass laws and take the necessary measures, all activists in this field and Ramzarz exchange offices are required to self-declare all their transactions and their customers to the country’s tax affairs organization, and if it is refused, heavy fines and penalties will be provided for it.

The eighth chapter of the report is dedicated to the extraction of Ramzars in Iran. Based on statistics from international news agencies, the report claims that 2.4 percent of the world’s total bitcoin mining belongs to Iran. In part eight of chapter eight we read:

Considering that the extraction of digital currencies (mining) in the country by obtaining the necessary permits from the relevant authorities is not prohibited by law and according to the regulations, electricity costs are calculated at different rates of domestic consumption and export prices, so it is possible , While accepting mining costs, also taxed profits.

The report also mentions the possibility of publishing national and regional codes to attract international capital and exchanges.

At the end of the report, it warns of negative reactions that will cause the economic elite to leave the country. According to the report, the departure of these elites will lead to a national catastrophe, capital flight, lack of investment and reduced production and employment in the country. The tenth section of this report states:

Given that the phenomenon of digital currencies is somewhat emerging and certainly this type of financial exchanges will become widespread in the future and the role of banks will also diminish; Therefore, it is worthwhile to make the most of it by examining it expertly, carefully, comprehensively and avoiding any negative action in the fight against this new achievement in order to guide and control these liquidities correctly towards production and employment and creating economic and psychological security.


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