Infographic: How much room does Bitcoin have for growth?

There is always the question among Bitcoin fans and investors as to how far Bitcoin and the entire digital currency market can grow. Shouldn’t we expect a lot of growth from Bitcoin after eleven years of continuous climbing? What is the economic position of this market? The best way to answer this question is to compare the bitcoin market and digital currencies with other markets, and the infographic below will help you do just that.

Infographic: How much room does Bitcoin have for growth?
Bitcoin market position and digital currencies among the big ones – Click on the image to see the full size. / Designer: Sajjad Maghsoudi

As you can see in the image above, bitcoin and digital currencies are a long way from big technology giants like Apple, Microsoft and others.

According to a recent report, the total market value of the New York Stock Exchange, which houses the trading of the world’s largest giants, is about $ 30 trillion. If we want to consider the bitcoin market as $ 30 trillion, the value of each unit of this digital currency should be $ 1.5 million, which seems very dreamy now, and in the bitcoin community, such predictions are “cloud bitcoin-making.” (Hyperbitcoinization). The current market value of Bitcoin is only equal to the value of an average company in the US stock market; A place that does not deserve the king of digital currencies.

The value of the digital currency market is now far less than the combined wealth of the five richest people in the world: Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Bernard Arnault and Carlos Slim. It should be noted that the Bitcoin market is even smaller than the total revenue of the top 300 movies in Hollywood history.

With an in-depth look at the above infographics and the future that experts in the field of digital currencies envision, we can say that we are at the beginning of a long way and the industry still has a lot of room for growth.


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