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Ilan Musk confirmed: Dogecoin is the main topic of Saturday Night Live next week

Tesla’s CEO has confirmed that he will appear on the popular Saturday Night Live TV show next Saturday, which will also focus on the Dogecoin digital currency.

to the the report DeCrip, Ilan Musk, CEO of Tesla Automotive and Aerospace X, confirmed that a comedy episode about Dogecoin (DOGE) will air on the popular SNL show next Saturday night.

On his Twitter account, Musk asked 54 million followers what parts the program would have. A flood of requests flowed quickly, but one request came from them: Dogecoin.

“Definitely,” Musk then replied to the petitioner, who said, “Talk about Dodge Fader.” It is worth noting that Dodge Fader refers to a phrase that Musk tweeted last week. This tweet once again strengthened the margins around Dogecoin.

One word was enough for the price of the Dogecoin to rise once again to $ 0.4 under the influence of a word from the Musk.

Of course, it was already clear that Musk was planning to produce a play about Dogecoin. He tweeted on April 28:

Dodge Fader; SNL May 8th.

With this tweet, the price of Dogecoin increased by 15%.

The Dogecoin has since returned to $ 0.37, the price it was before Musk confirmed the subject of the SNL program. So what was the reason for the price increase?

Every time Musk talks about Dogecoin, it’s as if he’s shouting into the biggest speaker in the world. He has already tweeted about Dogecoin as if he had been silenced. It is as if he is preaching for a religious gathering.

Many of Musk’s tweets about Dogecoin have already lost the effect they once had on the price of this digital currency. But when he talks about Dogecoin on SNL, he has a whole new audience.

There is widespread hope among Dogecoin fans that when Musk talks about Dogecoin on the show, he will attract a new group, and they will rush to buy the currency after he talks.

If the show is funny enough, timely, and upward-looking, the expectation, and of course “gambling” for those investing in Dogecoin, is that the Dogecoin price will go up sharply.


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