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Ilan Musk also spoke about Dogecoin at the Bjord conference

Ilan Musk has said that he thinks Dogecoin has a chance to one day conquer the digital currency space. Speaking to Jack Dorsey and Cathie Wood at the Word ازی Virtual Event, he made a hilarious theory about Dogecoin’s future.

to the Report Crypto Potito, when asked by Ilan Musk about the prospect of this Meem Quinn, the Tesla founder first explained the traditional Occam’s razor theory. According to the philosophical principle of the Ockham razor, whenever two explanations are given for the cause of a phenomenon, the simpler explanation is more likely to be correct.

Ilan Musk said:

The simplest explanation is probably the most likely explanation.

He then proposed another type of theory and said:

The most ridiculous explanation is the most probable one.

Musk finally presented his own theory and said:

The most interesting explanation is the most probable one.

According to this theory, Tesla CEO could see a future in which Dogecoin, originally created as a joke, will be recognized as the world’s leading digital currency. Both Musk and the moderator laughed when Musk uttered the idea, making it difficult to tell if it was his true opinion.

The rest of the discussion at the conference focused primarily on bitcoin, however, several times the discussion shifted to other parts of the digital currency space, including Dodge Coin.

Dodge Coin Block Size Musk was considered as one of the small advantages of this digital currency against Bitcoin, which can speed up transactions. However, he acknowledged that bitcoin is solving this problem with solutions such as Layer 2 and Lightning Network.

Musk expressed hope that a wide range of digital currencies, including Bitcoin and Dodge Coin, could continue to flourish.

The founder of Tesla said in this regard:

Obviously, we need to take steps that are likely to make the future a better place. It is probably better to have a successful bitcoin, Ethereum and dodge coin in the future that will increase people’s power over the government.


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