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How to participate in AirDrop Spark Token (FLR) for Ripple holders

On December 12th, each Ripple (XRP) holder will be awarded a free token spark (FLR) token. In this article, we will first teach you how to participate in AirDrop to receive this token, and then you will be briefly introduced to the Flare network and Spark, its native token.

The best way: save in exchanges

How to participate in AirDrop Spark Token (FLR) for Ripple holders

The best way to participate in Spark Token AirDrop is to store XRPs in an exchange. Bainance Exchange and other world exchange offices will support this airdrop. In this case, you do not need any additional work. You will automatically see your tokens in the exchange account some time after AirDrop and you can trade or withdraw them from the exchange.


In the case of participating in AirDrop through wallets, your wallet must support this AirDrop, and you will need to take action yourself after this event to access the tokens. According to the announcement Flair official website, The following wallets will support AirDrop:

  • Exodus
  • Ledger Hardware Wallet
  • Cole Walt Hardware Wallet
  • Cobo
  • Guarda
  • Ballet Crypto
  • زام (Xumm)
  • Atomic
  • Other wallets that give you a private key directly

Because the Spark token is based on Ethereum, in most wallets, you must take steps to receive your tokens before or after AirDrop, and you must also have an Ethereum wallet. For example, in Ledger and Zam wallets, you should go after AirDrop Website Apply to connect to the wallet, and after connecting to the wallet, enter the “Properties” section of this site and receive your Spark tokens by providing the Ethereum wallet address in the “Message Key” section.

In some other wallets, such as Exodus, users must register in the user panel of their wallet in AirDrop.

How to participate in AirDrop Spark Token (FLR) for Ripple holders

In some other wallets, such as Atomic, you have to install the Xumm software on your phone and then enter your Ripple Private Key in this software. Then using Website And connecting to Xumm, you can receive your Spark tokens in an Ethereum wallet.

Wallet users have up to 6 months after AirDrop to receive their Spark tokens, otherwise their tokens will burn.

Briefly about Flair and Spark

Ripple-sponsored Flair Network also intends to bring Ethereum applications to Ripple so that developers can more easily offer their application products to Ripple. The network will interact fully with Ethereum and its smart contracts, and its native digital currency (token) is called Spark, abbreviated FLR, which will be offered to pay network fees and enable you to participate in important network decisions. This digital currency will be an Ethereum token stored on all Ethereum wallets.

In terms of price, it is not possible to predict how much each Spark unit will be worth until the token is released and trading begins, but according to historical data and given the supply of 45 billion units, the price will probably be much less than $ 0.1.


To participate in AirDrop Spark Tokens for XRP holders, if you do not have the technical knowledge, it is best to transfer your assets to an exchange office before December 12. If you have little technical knowledge and are also worried about saving your money in an exchange, you have six months to receive your Spark tokens in an Ethereum wallet using Ripple websites and tools.


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